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We all know and love the suit-tie combo, a simple and high-quality outfit for corporate or formal events capable of driving women crazy. Ladies love elegant men, they are fascinated by class and style and they adore a man dressing up to impress them, especially on a first date.

However, elegance comes at a price. No, we are not talking about money. If a man wants to be elegant, there’s no room for imperfection. Wearing a suit and a tie is not nearly enough. It’s a matter of overall balance and everything has to be in the right place, at the right time, especially accessories. These complementary items are the essence of any elegant outfit and without them you chance to impress your boss, a potential investor or your date drop significantly.

Don’t be scared though, we’ve got your back. We made a list of the most important accessories for elegant men’s outfits. Have a look and get ready to become irresistible!

The Watch

A man’s watch is the most important accessory and there is no question about that. Lawyers, managers and professionals of any kind have been wearing it for decades. A watch means that your time is precious, that you don’t want to waste any second of your life.

The peak of elegance would be to wear one of your family, handed down from generation to generation. It says you still care about tradition, and you’re one of the few.

Avoid yellow gold, which is a bit vulgar, and go for white gold, steel or leather strap.

The Belt

We couldn’t have had a list of accessories for elegant men’s outfits without our beloved belt. A leather belt, at that.

This particular item doesn’t just keep your pants tidy, it also keeps your look together. Whether it’s an indispensable tool to hold jeans, or just a habit, the leather belt will last long after other accessories have gone out of style. In other words, it never gets old.

For what concerns colors, we advise you to choose brown, black or one of each, to be ready for every occasione. And don’t be cheap, a belt is forever.

The Cufflinks

The most elegant men’s accessories out there. For generations, cufflinks have defined men’s elegance. Regardless of the shirt you’re wearing, there’s nothing better than closing the cuffs with a nice pair of silver cufflinks, well made and discreet.

Silver is a smart choice for every shade of shirt and for every occasion. Better yet, silver cufflinks don’t distract from a steel or gold watch that you can try to use to make your look even more flawless. Obviously, in case you want to add a touch of luxury, feel free to go for white gold.

One last tip, perhaps the most useful one: consider handmade cufflinks. Generally speaking, wearing well designed handcrafted jewelry is synonymous with uniqueness and authenticity. Every piece tells the story of the artisan who made it, his love and passion. It simply is the cherry on top.

The Sunglasses

Only a few things give a touch of charm to men more than a pair of sunglasses. Flattering, practical and useful for hiding dark circles when needed, sunglasses evoke images of seduction and mystery. In a way, they make you feel like a movie star.

Here the same rule applies: your sunglasses will stay with you for most of your life, so don’t be afraid to make an investment and go for a well-known brand. Most importantly, don’t choose them on your own. Take your partner with you and listen carefully, she probably knows it best.

Our advice is to go for something classic and sober, with black or tortoiseshell frames and brown, black or dark green lenses.

The Pen

Handwriting is slowly dying. We all work on our laptops and most of us forgot how it feels to actually write with a pen. Nevertheless, an elegant man should always have a pen with him.

Let’s be clear though, it can’t just be just any one because its refinement tells a lot of your personality (and taste). Your choice should resonate with your character but always communicate style and tradition.

Speaking of colors, dark gray is the way to go. It’s discreet but doesn’t go unnoticed, the right balance every elegant man should aim for. Always.

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