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17 Trending Colorful Diwali Rangoli Patterns in 2018 – Try It.


Rangoli brings colors to every ones life. On every festival, it is the cultural of hindu’s, to decorate our houses along with rangoli. when it comes to diwali, the occasion becomes more auspicious, by drawing rangoli’s all over the house, along with beautiful diyas. It is believed that goddess lakshmi, comes to our house and showers her blessings to us.

Check out the latest diwali rangoli designs

  1. New Pattern Diwali rangoli designs:

This is the latest rangoli diwali pattern, with flowers all around. This rangoli is decorated with lotus buds, one inter connecting other in different colors. keeping white in the back ground, the center of the rangoli is placed with diya and surrounded by flowers. The outer line of the rangoli is designed with small circles with white rangoli in it.


2.Home Decor Diwali Rangoli Designs

This type of rangoli acts as home decors, decorated at one corner of the house. Usually you can see a water pot with flower in it and the sides are alleviated with lights. Surrounded to the water pots are the flowers decorated just like rangoli with thermocol balls in it. surely an antique piece tried by one and all.

home decor diwali rangoli

3.Beautiful Swan Diwali Rangoli Designs:

Swans are auspicious and so are the rangoli’s. This rangoli design is a home decor looks extraordinary. As swan stay with goddess lakshmi, we offer prayings to swan as well. The swan in the rangoli is colored in dark colors with light yellow touch. It shows as if the swan is in the water and the lights all around.

new peacock diwali rangoli designs

4.Swastik Diwali Rangoli Patterns:

Swastik in the middle, this is one of the best rangoli design patterns. The rangoli is designed in circular shape, with “shraddha” and “saboori” on the side ways. 4 circle are drawn, eac with different pattern of design and color. This designs are mostly seen in the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Swastik Diwali Rangoli Patterns

5.New Vertical Flower Diwali Rangoli Patterns:

Rangoli designs are trending with flower designs. These flower rangoli’s are the home decors which looks classy and stylish. The diamond shaped rangoli are decorated with grass in the outline and white and yellow rose petals with in it. At the centre is placed small diyas which are added attraction to the rangoli.

vertical flower rangoli design

6.3D-Diwali Rangoli Design Patterns

3D is the trending one, either technically or aesthetically. This rangoli is designed with 3d effects in circular shape. It just looks like the 3 D graphics revolving around. With flower design in the middle of the rangoli, and diyas placed all over the rangoli is spectacular to see.

New Pattern Diwali rangoli designs

7.Easy Diwali Rangoli Designs In Floral Pattern:

Easy diwali rangoli designs are just awesome to look at. This is the circular rangoli designs with different dark background colors. At the center is the red circle, from which the main rangoli starts. The whole design pattern is drawn in white color. at the edges the design just looks like sea shells.

Easy diwali rangoli designs in floral pattern

8.Dotted Circle Diwali Rangoli Designs

The dotted designs are much trending now. At the centre are designed the foot of goddess lakshmi, with two diyas by the side of them. The edges of the rangoli is designed with heavy white color dots and circles. Exterior, small flower buds are drawn with white beads and mirrors in it.

Dotted circle diwali rangoli designs

9.Creative Diwali Rangoli Patterns

This type of rangoli is aesthetic to look at. Big flower, with big petals are drawn,with shaded orange, yellow and red colors. Inside are placed the diyas, which looks perfect for the rangoli designs. At the edges of the petals are drawn with flowers in white color and white petals.

creative rangoli diwali patterns

10.Marie gold Diwali Rangoli Patterns:

Marie gold flowers are decorated in our houses, but if it is used for rangoli, then that would be more auspicious. Flowers are decorated on the floor all over the house with diyas in between them. At the edges comes the decorative pieces like lantern which completes the whole diwali festival.

mariegold diwali rangoli patterns

11.Traditional Diwali Rangoli Designs:

Traditional rangoli designs are designed in front of god in puja room. This is to get blessings from goddess lakshmi. These type of rangoli are small and beautiful to look at. Rangoli is designed with small rose petals and yellow flowers with diyas in between .

traditional diwali rangoli designs

12.Beautiful Colorful Diwali Rangoli Patterns:

This is the beautiful shaded rangoli design which looks extremely traditional. With 4 round of circles in the center with different colors and the outer part is designed with big petals inside comes the bud and in it are the diyas. This is the multi color rangoli pattern which attracts one and all.

beautiful colorful diwali rangoli patterns

13.Floral Mango Diwali Rangoli Pattern:

This rangoli is the combination of flowers and mangoes. At the centre of the design are 4 circles with small petals in different colors. 4 sides of the circle are the 4 big mangoes with flowers. The mangoes are in dark color with flowers at the sides of them.

Floral mango diwali rangoli patterns

14.Beautiful Peacock Diwali Rangoli Patterns:

Peacock rangoli is just beautiful to look at. This rangoli is designed as if peacock has opened its feathers. The dark colored peacock in the middle and the yellow buds placed above it just like feathers. The yellow buds looks awesome with diyas in it.

Beautiful peacock diwali rangoli patterns

15.Creative Twisted Diwali Rangoli Patterns:

This is the creative rangoli designs where the flowers and petals are in twisted mode. A pure rangoli design, which is designed outside the house with various colors and shapes.

Twisted diwali rangoli pattern

16. Kolkata Diwali Rangoli Designs:

This type of rangoli is mostly seen in Kolkata, Assam, Odisha states. They use much of white rangoli with different colours and shades.

Kolkata rangoli designs

17.Exclusive Gujarat Diwali Rangoli Patterns: 

These are the exclusive rangoli patterns in the states of gujarat and ahmedabad. where the women dance garba around the rangoli. These rangolis are not only for diwali but for all festive occasions.

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