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Mistakes When Choosing Your Flower Girl Dress

Flower Girl Dress

If you have a favorite little girl and you would like her to take part in your wedding, giving her the role of a flower girl is the most honorable thing you can do. While having a flower girl is optional, it does add that “wow” effect to your big day—those cute little girls are way too adorable! Even more, flower girls play a more significant than just entertaining guests. 

A flower girl will pave way for your arrival as the bride. She may also accompany the ring bearer down the aisle. A flower girl can also be handy when you need someone to carry a small bouquet, hold balloons, or carry a sign. Of course, the older the flower girl, the more duties they can carry on. She may also be part of the grand entrance at your reception. For all these causes, you agree that she needs to look her best and feel comfortable in her dress. Flower girl dresses come in many forms. To ensure you make the right choice, below are mistakes to avoid.

1.Ordering the dress too early

Children grow and develop faster than we imagine. If you order for a flower dress more than a month before your wedding day, it may not fit the child as well. Another mistake would be failing to shop for the dress with your flower girl. Shopping together allows for the right measurements while presenting a valuable time to bond, which will make your flower girl more comfortable on the D-day. 

2.Choosing a very long dress

If your flower girl is going to be doing all that walking, she needs to feel comfortable. A long dress gives her the opposite of that. It presents opportunities for her accidents that may come from tripping. 

3.Sticking with white 

Most flower girls indeed wear white, but who said they have to? You can get creative when it comes to the choosing color of your flower girl’s dress. Remember, children are messy and white dresses can prove disastrous if your flower girl is very young and clumsy. You can go for other colors that match with the theme of your wedding or even the color of your bridesmaids’ outfits.

4.Not anticipating the weather

Buying a sleeveless dress for a chilly wedding day may mean that your flower girl will put on her scarf or sweater which will ruin her outfit. Anticipate the weather and choose a warmer outfit such as a long-sleeved dress if you expect the weather to be cold.

5.Buying a fitting dress

Fitting dresses are always a no-no for kids. Think beyond the wedding day and get a dress that your flower girl can wear even after.  It is one of those ways to keep your special day alive for a long time. 

Your big day should be special for you in every way. Choosing the right flower girl dress is one way to ensure that your wedding day goes as smoothly as it must!

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