From Day to Night: The Must-Have Shoes for Women

Shoes have been a practical necessity for ages, and they protect your feet from the elements and injuries. Over the years, shoes have evolved to not only include protection as its primary purpose but also as a means to show-off your wardrobe. 

From ankle boots to bridal shoes, every type of shoe has become a piece of art. The choices are endless among physical or online stores, and there are benefits that come with both. Some ladies prefer to buy women shoes online where they can easily peruse the wide selection and some like going to the physical store to try it out themselves.

Be it at work, at the club, or at the mall, glamming up your outfit is the next level you want to achieve.

At Work

The classic corporate shoe is neutral in colour. Keeping a pair in shades of black, grey, brown, or white, will make sure that each outfit that you buy or be assigned to will match your outfit like a glove. Neutral colours match almost any clothing that you wear. Even if your uniform is drab, your outfit can still be exciting while wearing your stylish and fun stilettos, brogues, pumps, or heels. 

If you work in a casual setting, you can still snazz up your shirt and jeans for a more glamorous look, perhaps with a classic black block heel or a heel ankle strap sandal in pink leather. You may visit your favourite boutique, or you can choose to buy women shoes online. The choice is yours.

At the Club

The club is where you wear your most bold outfits. The shoes that you wear must complement this ensemble. You don’t want to end your striking outfit into something that will detract from it all. If you like to dance, it’s best to choose shoes that will assure that your feet are the only ones in contact with the ground. 

If you’re the type to get tipsy after a shot or two, stay away from pointy heels such as stilettos. You can choose to wear your shoes with a trusty block heel or your boots with a solid base. However, if you have an impeccable balance even after drinking rounds of tequila or margarita, you don’t have to shy away from this style option.

At the Mall

Wearing footwear that can stand long hours is where it’s at in choosing footwear at the mall. At the mall, you spend hours walking, and sometimes, you may even cover a distance that will surprise even yourself. If you’re used to heels, go ahead and wear one. But if you’re not, you may opt for flat loafers or espadrilles. 

As you go from one store to the next, you sometimes find your excitement sliding up. You don’t want to end this excitement because of bruised feet. Choose a pair of shoes that will not hurt your skin. You do want to end your expedition at the mall in a positive note and callouses because of ill-fitting shoes are not the souvenir that you want.

Today, shoes are at a level where sturdiness, aesthetics, and comfort come together. With a multitude of styles to choose from, it has become easier to choose something that’s not only nice to see, but also something that can be worn many times without fear of any injury.

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