Best Luxury Timepieces from The Rolex Collections for 2021


Luxury Wristwatches have been one of the best ways to display confidence and wealth to the public. One of the brands that rank among the most preferred luxury wristwatches today is the Rolex serving the different types of styles and functions that most individual desires. However, having a luxury wristwatch from Rolex can have a limited option because of the limited shops worldwide.

Hence, to solve that problem is buying your Rolex watches online. This will lead to having a vast option on the different collection of the Rolex Wristwatches and the convenience of the wristwatch to be delivered to your doorstep.

The Brand Rolex

The brand Rolex started manufacturing different types of Luxury Wristwatches in 1908. They have different kinds of collections to meet the needs and wants of every watch enthusiast. Some of their collections are Oyster Perpetual, Cellini, Datejust, Milgauss, Air King, Day Just, Sea Dweller, Explorer, Sky-Dweller, Turn O Graph, and more.

Those Luxury Wristwatch collections that we have mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. They still have many collections from which you can check through their online platform by visiting their website. Here are some different Luxury Wristwatches you should consider.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 124300-0003

The first one on our list of the best luxury wristwatches is from the collection of Oyster Perpetual. This model 124300-0003 is ranked among the most expensive and is included in their best sellers. This has been one of the most recommended wristwatches from their collection because of having the simplicity and classy design that can best be used on every occasion.

All of those classy and sophisticated designs are nothing if you have rubbish materials built into your Luxury wristwatch. Rolex keeps every material at the highest quality and worth. The materials used in this wristwatch are made with stainless steel and a sapphire crystal for its casing with a solid round shape of 41mm in diameter.

The dial or the overall display of this wristwatch is color blue with a combination of silver-tone hands. The silver-tone hands help the blue dial pop-up even in the darkest places, which can be useful in dark places. An additional feature you surely will enjoy is the water-resistance, which can go as deep as 100mm.

Rolex Cellini 50529/2

The second one of our list of the Luxury wristwatches that you should consider is this timepiece from the collection of Cellini. This model 50529/2 is one of the best wrist watches that you should take time to consider. The Cellini collection of wristwatches is a type of wristwatch with a leather strap in each of its collections.

If you like the combination of metal and leather when wearing your wristwatches, this is the collection of wristwatches you should explore. The metal case has 18ct white gold and domed sapphire crystal with a diameter of 39mm. The dial has one of the unique colors having a Black guilloche which gives the case pop-up’s silver color better.

The major focus of the collection of Cellini is to give you an option of a Luxury wristwatch that has a leather strap, and this model from their collection is a must consider if you are a wristwatch enthusiast. An additional feature that you will love is the 50m water resistance, which can be best if you’re into water type of activities.

Rolex Datejust 126334 Blue Jubilee

The third and last one in our list is this Rolex Datejust with the model of 126334. This wristwatch is the Luxury wristwatch you are looking for if you want to have a striking and yet strong first impression. The combination of silver and blue makes this wristwatch look like one of the most expensive things a man can get.

The materials used in this wristwatch are made of stainless steel with a sapphire crystal. Its case is round with a diameter of 44mm. The color of the dial is blue combined with silver-tone hands. A fantastic feature you can also enjoy when having this wristwatch in your possession is water-resistant that can go as deep as 100m.

It is a luxury wristwatch which makes it an expensive thing in the first place. However, you will surely get your money’s worth as each year passes, and the value of luxury wristwatches are higher than before. Making this kind of wristwatch is an excellent investment to have. Keep in mind that the worth of this timepiece depends on the market. Hence, keeping cautious in your decisions.


Maximizing every edge, you can have in this online world where everything can be done through an online platform is necessary. However, even online transactions have specific advantages and disadvantages that you should consider depending on your situation. Hence, knowing what is best for you will entirely depend on yourself.

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