15 Must-Have Basic Pieces for Every Woman’s Wardrobe

We all know the importance of statement pieces. Statement pieces are your glittery dresses, your bold prints, and your awe-inspiring accessories. Every wardrobe needs to have the pieces that are bold and make you stand out in the crowd. They’re the pieces that are uniquely your style. 

However, no wardrobe is complete without some basics. Basics are the must-have items that every solid wardrobe includes. They’re the items that tie all your statement pieces together. 

If you want to ensure that you have all the basics you need for a stylist-approved wardrobe, keep reading. Here are fifteen essential must-have pieces for every woman’s wardrobe. 

1. A Good Pair of Dark Wash Jeans

It’s important to have a pair of jeans that look and fit great. While you might prefer distressed, light wash jeans with interesting fits, be sure to have at least one pair of classic, dark wash jeans in your closet. 

2. Solid Color Tees and Vees

T-shirts and V-necks in solid colors are staples in any wardrobe.
Experts recommend that you have a white and black plain top in your closet, or you can start customizing your clothes with durable materials and direct to film printing.

You can also opt for custom screen printing on your white t-shirt with the print and color of your choice.

3. Solid Color Tank Tops

Tank tops are a staple for most wardrobes. They’re crucial as under pieces or stand-alone wear. Be sure to have a few solid color tanks to mix and match in your wardrobe. 

4. A Little Black Dress

While it’s a cliché, it’s essential to have a little black dress in your closet. It can be dressed up or dressed down, and it’s appropriate for almost all occasions. Having a little black dress that fits you well makes you well prepared for any unexpected invite. 

5. A Ubiquitous Outer Piece

Have you ever had a vest, jacket, or cardigan that seemed to match everything? Well, they’re out there. They’re hard to find, but if you can, you need to find you one. These outer pieces can be the final, perfect touch to any outfit, and having an outer piece that goes with anything is a fantastic thing to have. 

6. Printed Saying Tops

T-shirts with words on them are having a huge moment in fashion right now. Be sure to add a couple of inspirational tees to your wardrobe basics. They mix and match well with many of the other basics on the list, and also work well when paired with statement pieces.  

7. A Pair of Comfortable Shoes

This one isn’t about fashion; it’s about practicality. You need at least one pair of shoes in your closet that are comfortable to wear. These can be uggs sneakers, flip-flops, converse, or whatever. It’s just important to have a pair of shoes that prioritize comfort over style. 

8. Black Heels

On the opposite end of the shoe scale, every woman needs a pair of black pumps. They go with most dressed up outfits and are a must-have fundamental piece. 


9. Simple Flats

Sticking with shoes for a moment, flats are another great basic for a wardrobe. Try getting flats in several colors, so you always have a pair of shoes for any outfit. These work a lot like the tees and tanks. Having a variety of flats ensures that you always have a shoe for every outfit. 

10. A Wrap Dress

Find a wrap dress that fits well, and you’ll be set up for success. Wrap dresses can be dressed up or down, making them a perfect staple for any wardrobe. 

11. A Button-Up Shirt

Get a white button-up shirt for those last-minute job interviews or business meetings. Having a button-up shirt on hand ensures you’re always ready for last-minute professional activities. 

12. A Simple Cardigan

This one falls in the same line as the tees, tanks, and flats. Simple cardigans can mix and match and create a classic look. Be sure to have at least one simple cardigan in your closet. 

13. A Blazer

Just like the button-up shirt, having a cute blazer in your wardrobe makes sure you’re always prepared for a last-minute business engagement. Blazers are also on-trend and can be dressed down or paired with statement pieces, making them a versatile, must-have for any woman. 

14. Dress Pants

Do you see a trend here? Just like the blazer and button-up, you want to make sure to have dress pants on hand. It’s your choice whether to go with khaki or black dress pants. If you can, go for both. It’s essential to have some business basics in your go-to clothing.

15. Leggings or Sweats

Finally, be sure to have at least one pair of leggings or sweats. You aren’t always concerned with being fashionable, so you need something in your wardrobe for those days you’re looking for comfort.  Leggings and sweats are suitable for lounging, and they also make gym wear in a pinch.

Start Building Your Basic Wardrobe Today

These fifteen pieces are sure to help you build a robust wardrobe that you can mix and match with your statement pieces. These basics will help you make sure that you’re ready for whatever invites and adventures come your way. 

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