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7 Refreshing Benefits Of Drinking Cucumber water


We all know cucumber is the best food for our body, where 90% of cucumber contains water.  What happens when cucumber is mixed with water. It becomes the best drink for detoxification. Many people prefer cucumber water to regular water. As it does not contains any beverages, sodas or sugar. A natural drink which can be served to guest as well.  Over decades, these are served at spas, saloons, to detoxified patients due to its health benefits and great taste.

How to prepare cucumber water drink ?

  • Take a medium sized cucumber
  • Peel off and cut it into lengthwise
  • Remove the seed inside the cucumber, as some of them does not like to have seeds while drinking
  • Slice the cucumber
  • Take a big jar, add cucumber slices, water  and some ice cubes
  • Steep it overnight or keep it for ½ an hour
  • For sweetening  flavour, add some mint leaves and pinch of lemon juice (Read: Diet plan for Weight loss ) 

Health benefits of cucumber water :

Weight loss drink :

Cucumber water drink is the best weight loss drink, where lots o fat and calories can be shed down. If you take drink on the empty stomach, keeps your stomach full, and will have less food intake. Cucumber contains fibre, which helps for easy digestion and burns fat. (Read: weight loss exercises)

Keeps body hydrated :

Keeps body hydrated

Drinking water keeps your body hydrated and stays energized. Loss of water, makes your body, dehydrated. drinking plain water is boring and we hardly drink it. We need to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, but many of us skip it. Taking cucumber water keeps you hydrated, refreshed and energized throughout the day. (Read: Remedies for stomach bloating)

Fights major health problems :  

Fights major health problems

Cucumber water contains beta carotene, manganes, flavonoids, antioxidants, molybdenum and vitamin C, lignans which fights major health diseases like cancer, specially prostate cancer and cardiovascular problems, diabetes, eye degeneration, alzheimers,  etc.,

  • Note : take a glass of cucumber water and drink it daily on empty stomach. Drink at least 2 to 3 cups of water per day.

Regulates Blood pressure :

Treats blood pressure

One of the driving factors for high blood pressure is high salt and low potassium. Potassium is the electrolyte, which controls salt level which is retained by kidneys. Cucumber water drink contains essentials of sodium which controls and lowers blood pressure levels.

Gives glowing skin :

beautiful skin

Cucumber contains pantothenic acid or vitamin B5, which treats acne, flushes out the toxins from the body, detoxifies the body, giving you a glowing, pimple free and healthy skin. (Read: Face masks for white skin)

  • Note : you can also wash your face with cucumber drink

Gives fresh breath :  

fresh air

It keeps your mouth free from bad odour. Cucumber water drink contains anti-microbial properties, which removes germs and bad gums from mouth. By holding a slice of cucumber at upper mouth, it produces, excess saliva, which flushes out the bacteria from the mouth.

Gives bone health :

bone health

Cucumber contains vitamin K, which helps calcium to supply to bones. Cucumber also contains protein which gives bone health, strong muscles and helps from joint pains.

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