To Choose Acetate Frames For Your Glasses

Are you planning to buy eyeglasses? Choice of frame matters significantly when choosing eyeglasses. You have to consider a few factors before selecting a particular type of eyewear frame. A good idea is to choose acetate frames for being eco-friendly and making a style statement. Acetate is synthetic fiber from natural raw materials including cotton and wood. Acetate frames have various benefits as you are about to discover below.

Extreme durability

When choosing frames for your eyeglasses, it is very important to about their durability. It is a good idea to opt for acetate frames for withstanding pressure and stress without loss of elasticity. Cellulose acetate is made up of very strong and hard to break tough fibers even after years of use, your acetate frame will never lose shape or structure.

Resistance to wear and tear explains why cellulose acetate is employed in various industrial applications including buttons, home décor, upholsteries, and dresses. When looking forward to eyeglasses that you will wear regularly for years, an acetate frame is the best solution. You can choose a frame with square brown tortoise acetate made with advanced scratchproof technology. This allows the frame to always look nice with less visible signs of wear and tear.


Some metal frames might cause allergic reactions such as discoloration and skin rashes. The allergic reaction might develop from nose pads, hinges, and other parts of your eyeglasses. Fortunately, luxury eyewear brands like Paul Redford make acetate frames. Cellulose acetate is non-petroleum based material from natural cotton fibers. These do not have any artificial agents that might cause allergic reactions.

This makes acetate frames great for people with very sensitive skin. You will always be sure that the frames are hypoallergenic. Acetate eyeglasses have a square blue shine for protecting the skin from allergic reactions while staying stylish forever. This will save you the money you would have used to purchase new glasses after a short while.

Eco-friendly material

Everyone is conscious of the importance of environmental conservation today. Therefore, there is a growing need to promote green living. A good idea for you to play your part in protecting the environment is by using acetate frames for being eco-friendly. It is very appealing to wear sustainable eyewear for its attractiveness and ethical consideration.

Apart from being eco-friendly, acetate glass wear is renewable. Acetate is bioplastic made from cotton liners and tree pulp. Therefore, acetate metal frames are easily recycled to limit ending up on landfills. Recycling encourages lowering carbon footprint and preserves resources. Consider making a fashion statement by wearing a stylish pair of brown tortoise acetate glasses.

Exceptional comfort

When selecting eyeglasses, choice of frames matters significantly. Therefore, it is very important to choose frames that give your face comfort and good aesthetics. Luckily, acetate frames offer exceptional comfort without compromising comfort. This comfort comes from their lightweight and flexible nature since acetate frames are 25 percent lighter compared to metallic frames.

The lightweight and flexibility of acetate frames make them ideal for children. This is a great idea since kids are very active. Acetate frames lessen chances of damage to the eyeglasses. The lightweight and exceptional flexibility of acetate frames make the eyeglasses to easily get back into shape during intense activity. Your child will love the stylish red tortoise acetate eyeglasses.

Various styles and shapes

Acetate frames come with an attractive glossy finish and amazing transparency. It makes them have a stunning look for all face shapes. cellulose acetate has a deep gloss allowing experimenting with various colors and styles. This makes it easy to incorporate color hues in the frame manufacturing process unlike when making other types of frames.

Additionally, it is possible for designers to add and subtract various colors easily. This leads to the production of high-quality acetate frames that appeal to most people. When looking for a pair of eyeglasses, opt for a nerdy look by a choosing black tortoise acetate frame. You will look stylish without having to worry about the durability of your eyeglasses.

Unique features of acetate frames

These frames are designed for fashion-conscious people in pursuit of quality life. Acetate frames come in a simple restrained design displaying a stable side with the right colors. These frames emphasize 3D changes in the line of the temples.  The lens shape is personalized to look natural while representing a perfect integration of the feet and temples.

Acetate frames have other performance characteristics including:

  • Beautiful style
  • Firm performance
  • Degree of elasticity
  • Deformed discoloration
  • Easy deformation after wearing


The various features make acetate frames unique. It is possible to opt for acetate frames with extremely lightweight rims. Regardless of whether you are looking forward to a subtle or bold appearance, acetate frames will give you enough style to make a fashion statement. Acetate eyewear matches easily with clothing while reflecting your style and personality.

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