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A Few Tips to Choose the Best Designer Salwar Suit

A Few Tips to Choose the Best Designer Salwar Suit

In India, one of the biggest markets of clothing is that of salwar suits. These are gorgeous ethenic and convenient outfits for all age groups. If looking for the latest salwar suits online, one must look for the kreeva salwar suit. Designer Slawars are a must for special occasions and are always a good investment. They have designer salwar suits for everything from traditional salwar suits to salwar suits for weddings.

Each occasion calls for a different type of salwar suit. Every happy moment is means more so according to one’s clothes. So never compromise and always wear the best and the latest salwar suit when the moment calls for it. Here are a few tips to help one choose the best Designer Salwar Suit for each occasion.

Find a designer salwar suit according to the season 

Although designer salwar is of high-quality material, one must keep in mind the season. No one wants to end up wearing thin material in the cold or heavy and thick Salwar suits in the summer. 

Season based dressing is particularly relevant in northern parts of India, where the climate is extreme. One can shop for the latest designer salwar suits online at kreeva salwar suit by fabrics based on the season. 

Find the right designer salwar suit for the right time of the day

When choosing a designer salwar suit, one must focus on the time of the event. The reason being that different colours portray one in changing lights based on the time of the day. Whether they choose traditional salwar suits or salwar suits for weddings, one must see what would look the best.

If it is a morning or afternoon event, one must focus more on pastel colours like ivory, mauve, pink, baby blue, mint and white, to name a few. The pastel colours bring out the joy of the morning time and are very pleasant for the eyes.  

On the other hand, if the event is in the evening, one must go with deeper royal colours like purple, royal blue, violet, gold and black. These colours bring out elegance and grace in a person. 

Choose the right amount of work on the designer salwar suit

When choosing a designer salwar suit, one must keep in check if the work matches the occasion. Everyone wants to look their best and, the work on a salwar suit can affect the effect.

During a big celebration, one must wear traditional salwar suits with handwork and Dori on them. For informal gatherings and reunions, one can wear Resham or lace. Whereas for a formal evening, the best option would be to wear a silk weave.

While looking for the latest salwar suits online at kreeva salwar suit, one can decide the type of work they want on their new salwar suit designs. They include everything, digital print, plain, Dori, foil print, lace, handwork, mirrors and, so much more. 

Understand body shapes before buying salwar suits

Before one buys salwar suits online, they need to understand their body and what looks good on it. One of the best things about salwar suits is that there are dresses for everyone. The first step is to stand in front of a full-size mirror and understand the body type. It means checking the bust size, hip size, and shape of the body. 

The different body shapes include apple, pear, hourglass, and rectangle. 




The best way to describe it is that the top half of the body is heavy(like an apple) and, the bottom is slender. One can choose an A-line kurta with a V-neck preferably, with dark undertones to take unwanted attention away from the heavy set. Using a pair of dhoti pants, one can drag the focus to the slender parts. 

Avoid pockets or anything that would bunch up near the waist. Clingy material brings out unwanted flaws. 




Peer is the most commonly seen body shape. Under this category, the lower half is heavier than the top half of the body. They should look for dresses that are long and flowing. Wearing Anarkalis and long kurtas add to your look and also make you look taller. These should be tight on top and flaring at the bottom. 

Try on Kurtis that have designer embroideries and wider necklines may increase the charm. The important thing is to pull attention to the upper body and away from the bottom. A slit cut suit could work wonders on this body type. 




Hourglass is one of the most desired shapes with a defined waistline, arched hips, and round bottom. Flaunt that figure wearing a straight cut suit that fits the form right. Be warned that wearing too clingy clothes may ruin the desired effect. Pakistani salwar suits are also one of the suitable salwar suits for this body shape. 

A Mughal style of attire works well on an hourglass shape. For the material, one can try fabrics like Georgette and Chiffon, which fits your body perfectly without being clingy. 




Rectangular body type is begging to show skin. With well-defined arms and a flat stomach, they look good wearing anything from floor length Anarkali to strappy kurtas. Perhaps the most suited designer kurta for them would be a jacket kurta. 

They are women who rarely gain weight. Another new designer salwar suits design that would suit this body type is the Abaya style of salwar suit. 

Salwar suits for weddings or other functions

The goal of choosing and buying a designer salwar suit is to mark the occasion. Whether traditional salwar suits or salwar suits for weddings or any occasion. 

One needs to make sure that the salwar suit matches the event. It includes the amount of bling, the details on it, the colour and so on. 

For example, if you need to attend a formal evening, the adornments should be low with a touch of professionalism. Whereas if it is a close friend and family kind of event, then the bling can be heavy. Most modern-day designers make use of gota, gold cords and pearls to increase their beauty.

No matter what, one can always buy the latest designer salwar suits online at kreeva salwar suit. Whether traditional salwar suits or salwar suits for weddings or any occasion.

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