TOP 4 Affordable Luxury Watches for Men You Must Check Out This 2021!

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Who would imagine that you can buy a classy and elegant-looking luxury watch without draining the money out of your pockets? Yes! You read it right! There are luxury watch brands out there that offer the most affordable timepieces that you can buy without spending thousands of dollars! You can even buy a luxury watch for less than a hundred bucks!

This is for the people who really want to own a luxury timepiece but only earn a below-average salary! Earning a minimum wage should not keep you away from owning that dream watch of yours! Just keep reading because we will introduce to you one of the luxury watch shops that offer the most inexpensive watches for the masses! This is no other than the Diesel Watch Brand!

Introducing the Diesel Watch Brand

One of the reasons why they offer a comparatively low price of luxury watches when compared to other brands is because its founder, Renzo Rosso, has a heart for the masses. Renzo has just started up this business as a passionate denim stitcher who used to sew his product using only his mother’s sewing machine. He then lent 40% of a company and marketed his jeans under that brand that eventually made it famous. Due to his hard work and perseverance, he was able to found Diesel as a company that manufactures luxurious and extraordinary timepieces that the masses can afford and wear!

He initially partnered up with Fossil, a watch manufacturer, to fully expand and give everyone a spectacular line of timepieces! Together, they use quartz movement in their watches making it low-maintenance, easy to repair, inexpensive, and accurately serving its purpose! Their timepieces are extremely reliable, durable, affordable, accurate, and economical. You can stick to a diesel watch if you want an extremely easy-to-maintain watch.

The most common price range of their watches is from $100 to $300 which is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to own a luxury watch but can’t afford extremely expensive ones! Below, we will list 4 Diesel Watch options that you can buy at an inexpensive price. Go and buy that only timepiece that would suit your taste and personality!

Mr Daddy 2.0 DZ7333

For the first stop, we recommend you this Mr Daddy 2.0 DZ7333 which you can buy for only $179. It can be an ideal flashy luxury watch that you can add to your collection. Or if this is your first time purchasing a luxury watch, it will be a nice pick! It has multiple time zone displays operated by the Japanese quartz movement. Its bold gold-tone plated bracelet and accented face will amuse anyone at first glance! Your $179 means so much if you invest it with this luxury watch!

Mega Chief DZ4323

Is your man working as a firefighter, policeman, or a member of the military? Well, this is the perfect watch for him! He’ll be delighted if you purchase this as your gift for him! This Mega Chief DZ4323 is purposely crafted for the brave and resilient people in the world and if you know such a person, go ahead and recommend this to him! You can buy this for only $138! This is so worth it! One of its spectacular attributes is this timepiece can change from red to blue when flipped in turns at different angles. Aside from being so special, you can be assured that this Diesel watch is durable and sturdy.

Little Daddy

Is your man working in the corporate world who needs to look a little wealthy all the time? The Little Daddy will be perfect for him! This is not an ordinary watch because it speaks so much beauty and luxury! A look that you’ll not expect you can buy for only $130. It has a bold gold plating and massive face making it a little hard to pull off. Its monochromatic color scheme also attracts the eye and will impress anyone around him! This is the most economical and luxurious watch ever!

Rasp DZ1806

This is what we all have been looking for! A luxury timepiece in less than a hundred dollars! Yes, that’s right! You can purchase this Rasp DZ1806 for only 64 dollars! What an ideal price for an average earner! If this is what you can afford as of this moment, don’t hesitate to buy this! It is a statement timepiece that has a little sporty look! A bonus is that it is water-resistant to 165 feet making it durable. If you are someone who likes to stick with the classic, this might be your perfect fit!

In a Nutshell

Your search for the most affordable luxury watch is over! You now have 4 watch options from Diesel to buy without spending too much money! With Diesel’s Mr Daddy 2.0 DZ7333, Mega Chief DZ4323, Little Daddy, and Rasp DZ1806, you can now own a luxury timepiece that you want for a long time! Make sure to visit their stores to get to know more affordable watches by Diesel!

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