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14 Ultimate Remedies On How To Increase Height Naturally


During our school days, we would tag one boy or girl as the “tallest”. Of course everyone wants to be called as the tallest one, but that’s not every one’s cup of tea. According to study, 60-80% is acquired by genes, i.e through our parents and family side while 20% is due to external factors like lack of nutritional food, etc.,

In boys, till the age of 20’s, their height would grow. Some may also grow rapidly in the midst of 15-17 and grow about 4 inches per year.

In girls, about 3 inches per year the growth is seen and around 18 years girls would probably stop growing, by the puberty time, the growth plates closes and the growth automatically stops.

Does eating habits affect the Height growth?

Yes, the eating habits i.e., the bad eating would affect growth level to a larger extent.

Always eat right :

There is a saying “what ever you eat, eat right and eat in childhood and at teen age”. Because, our body and bones tend to receive what we eat. So, keep aside all the junks, street side food, oily based, spices and concentrate more on veggies and lean meat, take lots of protein, calcium, fish, lean meat, spinach, etc.,

Proteins :

Having efficient protein is very necessary for your body. Protein is the building block for bone, muscles and cartilage. So protein is very important. Protein foods like Meat, fish, milk, nuts, seeds and fortified cereals should be taken.

 Calcium :

Calcium is directly related to bone development. At least drink a glass of milk every day. Add to your diet yogurt, cheese, curd, all dairy products, to get efficient intake of calcium to our bones.

Vitamin D:

The best way to get vitamin D is exposing to sun rays. Expose to the early sun rays that comes in early morning. Have lots of mushrooms, oily fish which has vitamin D.

Have a healthy breakfast :

What ever we eat in the morning, it directly supplies to our body leaving no fat content. Take glass of milk, cereals, oats, eggs, nuts, cashews, raisins, berries which has lots of proteins, calcium and vitamin D.

Consult your doctor :

Consult your doctor before taking multi vitamin tablets. Multi-vitamins are suggested as they consists of zinc, vitamin D, cord liver oil and these help for bone health and growth.

Stop taking other drugs :

You might have been attracted towards advertisements or some ads in TV, about some drugs or tablets, by which height grows. But wait, our height completely depends on growth plate, genes and environmental factors. So, there is no sense in taking drugs or going for surgery as it is harmful and contains side effects.

Should not consume alcohol and caffeine :

According to study, consuming caffeine on larger extent will lead to lack of sleep, which is a big obstruction for height growth.

Ashwagandha drink :

According to ayurveda Ashwagandha, “Withania Somnifera” in science,and also “Indian Ginseng”is famous for broadening bone density and skeleton. This has been proven and ayurvedic doctors prefer it. It is available at any medical store.

  • Take 2 tbsp of Ashwaganda powder and mix it one glass of warm milk.
  • Add sugar or jaggery and drink.
  • Take the drink every night before going to bed for 2 months and results can be seen.

Spinach :

Why spinach? we all know spinach is great iron factor, but it also help bone health. It is rich in calcium, fiber, vitamins, so consuming it on regular basis will definitely affect height growth.

 Does external factors emphasise on height growth?

Have a good night sleep :

The more you sleep, your height grows to a little extent. While sleeping our body produces Human Growth Hormones (HGH), which helps in muscle building and height growth, so have a deep sleep to the fullest.

Exercises and sports :

It is said at least 1 hour exercise is needed for height growth. It may include stretches, jumping, skipping swimming or playing basket ball. Through these activities the spine will lengthen and improves the posture.

 Sprints and stretches :

According to study, due to stretches, human height increases of about 3 inches. Doing sprints, extend your leg bones and tend to produce human growth hormones, where you grow tall naturally.

 Practise straight posture :

Sit straight and stand tall without bending the back. Let your spine be always be straight. Lose weight : In case you are obese, you look plum and your weight strains your bones, which affect the height growth.

Bottom line :

If there are chances and age, then one would definitely become tall. But the genetic factors are also affected. If there is no growth change, consult doctor.

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