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Here’s Why Your Eyes Need Extra Care Amidst Covid-19

The anticipation forthe return of regular times is the united hope of all hearts right now. During the gruelling time of Covid-19 pandemic, you might be getting restless staying indoors.Being at home, you must bespending a considerable amount of time using digital devices such as laptops, mobile phones and others.Whether it is for work or leisure, prolonged usage of these devices can cause damages to your eyes.That is why, while caringfor your family at home, you must also take steps to protect your precious pair of eyes by using computer eyeglasses and following other useful tips.

The various reasonswhy it is vital to maintain your eye health are as follows:


1.Frequent Eye Touching Can Increase the Risk


With the Covid-19 virus, there is no telling about when and how you get affected. Medical professionals have shared that the virus may also spread through the constant touching of the face, and so doing so must be avoided. If you come in contact with a virus carrier or touch a surface with it, you might get contaminated through it. Therefore, prevent yourself from getting infected and cover your eyes at all times while going out. A pair of eyeglasses will prevent you from touching your face and particularly, your eyes often. Even if you go out for an emergency visit, wear eyeglasses to minimize the chances of contracting the virus.


2.Work From Home Can Cause Eye Stress

Amajor proportion of the workforce is working from home to keep up with the social distancing and lockdown guidelines in these times. It means that you must also be spending a lot of time on your laptop or other digital devices. Constant exposure to such devices is harmfultoyour eyes and can cause a lot of strain. Further, you may also experience severe headaches because of such eye conditions. Moreover, it can also get challenging to visit the eye doctor at such a time.

To keep your eyes healthy while working from home, you must wear computer eyeglasses. Also, it is good practice to give some rest to your eyes from time to time and ensure that your eyes don’t get damaged. 

3.Coming In Contact with an Infected Surface 


The risk of Covid-19 may still prevail after the lockdown. However, there will be a gradual return to regular times, and you will also get to visit your office. Even then, specific precautionary measures must be taken. You must continuously wash your hands and face irrespective of where you are. If you go to your workplace, you must cultivate a habit of washing your hands. As discussed previously, touching face or eyes might lead to the contraction of the virus. Hence, make sure you wash hands and face everywhere you go. You can also shield your eyes with computer eyeglasses that will help you work better without feeling eye strain while also preventing you from touching your face.

4.More Screen Time

In the current lockdown situation,most people are over-working. And maximum work is now done using the laptop or phone, meaning more exposure to the screen. This undoubtedly causes eye fatigue and strain. As a precautionary measure, wear computer glasses and take short breaks to prevent your eyes from getting tired. Good quality computer eyeglasses will protect your eyes from the damaging glare of the laptop or mobile screens.

Protect Your Eyes Against All Risks

The end of the Covid-19 virus cannot be predicted. During these troublesome times, you must maintain your eye health. You must prepare yourself with computer eyeglasses if the lockdown prolongs for an undefined period. Reliable brands like Titan Eyeplus offer you with a variety of eyewear. With so many choices, you can choose the most appropriate option.To give your eyes much-needed protection, you may choose from their range of polarized and blue tach eyeglasses. Take good preventive care of your eyes by following the right steps and enjoy good vision and eye health for a long time to come.


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