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9 Drizzling Winter Hair Care Tips To Chill In Winter


Winter has come and comes the problem of dry skin, dry hair and many more. According to experts, our hair tend to fall more during winter, as scalp will be dry, itchy, split ends, breakage, dandruff,  loses moist in the hair. During winter’s excess styling, straightening makes hair dull and week. Our hair needs utmost care during winters.

Here are the best winter skin care tips which need to be followed by both men and women

Winter skin hair care tips:

1.Cover your hair :

Cover your hair

During winters when you go out, cover your hair with scarf, shawl or a cap of silk or satin cloth. Wool or cotton tends to have more breakage and heavy split ends. Make sure the scalp and your hair is warm but not hot. It must be exactly to the room temperature. Overheat of scalp will lead to sweat on the scalp and becomes hair dry, itchy and hair fall. Try to knot the hair while going out and wrap with silk cloth. For men silk or satin hat is preferred. Try to cover your pillow with silk or satin cloths to avoid extra damage and split ends to the hair.

2.Apply oil to your hair quite often:

Apply oil to your hair

Apply olive oil or coconut oil to the scalp and hair quite often, so that the moisture is locked in the hair and gives nourishment to the hair. Massage at least for 10 min and leave for 20 min, so that hair gets moisturised. Olive oil also prevents hair fall and thickens hair. Apply oil at the ends so that hair does not break, gets damaged and keeps your hair soft and shiny. It is recommended to apply and leave oil overnight for better results.

  • Take equal quantity of olive, jojoba and coconut oil, make it warm and apply to your scalp and hair. Leave it overnight and wash off.

3.Never take bath with hot water:

Never take bath with hot water

Its winter cold and hot water bath soothes and relaxes you. But wait a minute; hot water removes extra and natural oils from the hair and skin as well. It’s better to take warm water bath.

4.Never go out with wet hair:

wet hair

Going out with wet hair will lead to breakage and damage. Let it dry out naturally and try to avoid the hair dryers and other tools to dry your hair. The risk of hair color fading faster, so never let yourself go outside with wet hair. Never tie your hair knot when it is wet as it leads to dandruff and itchy.

5.Go for double conditioners:

double conditioners

As its winter season, the chances of damage, breakage is more. The hair becomes frizzier with hot showers. Use double conditioners with mild shampoo. Apply once a week, conditioner pack and homemade packs to make hair conditioned and silky. Apply conditioner from mid length till the end and wash off with cold water, so that moisture is locked  

  • Honey: honey is known for conditioning of hair and skin. Just apply honey on the hair layers and leave it for 30 min and wash off with lukewarm water. Do this once a week

6.Do not shampoo often:

Do not shampoo often

Do not take regular hair washes. Shampoo may damage the scalp and hair, as the hair is more sensitive during winters. Often shampooing may also leads to scalp itchy. Take hair wash twice a week and use deep conditioning.

7.Fight dandruff:

Fight dandruff

With winter comes the problem of dandruff. Try to use anti-dandruff shampoo to fight dandruff. Apply hair mask and some hair mask to wipe off the dandruff. With dandruff some of them also suffer from skin problems. When this dandruff falls on the skin, it becomes itchy and sometimes leads to pimples.

8.Drink water and stay hydrated:

Not only the outside care but hair must have the inner care as well. Drink plenty of water so that the hair gets moisture from within. Thus preventing from breakage, dryness and split ends. Eat write food, lots of food and veggies to make your hair healthy and strong.

9.Trim hair and avoid over styling:

Trim hair and avoid over styling

Trim your hair regularly as it will prevent from forming split ends. It also helps in the growth of the hair. Over styling like straightening and curling must be avoided to the maximum as it leads hair to breakage, dull, damaged and frizzy. Try to avoid colouring of your hair, as these colours contains harsh chemicals which in turn make hair dull and dry

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