Why should you buy organic coffee beans?

While some consider coffee as the perfect start for Monday mornings, others treated it as the gasoline of life. People are largely being affected by OCD (Obsessive Coffee Disorder) as coffee is increasingly becoming a necessity for so many.  (Just kidding!)

However, you as a caffeine love must know that the way coffee is grown and refined is majorly affecting our physical fitness. However, if you make careful choices and use organic coffee beans, you can easily avoid most of the health diseases and continue enjoying your life with a cup of coffee!

Impact of caffeine

Caffeine, a particularly important ingredient present in coffee, is a gentle stimulant for our nervous system. In fact, 90 percent of people consume caffeine in one form or the other. But as we know too much of anything is bad, too much of Caffeine can also have very serious outcomes. Let’s find out what are those:


Coffee helps a person feel less tiresome because of caffeine. By using caffeine, our body cells can no longer sense adenosine, a chemical that lowers our heartbeat rate and makes us feel worn out. Since no adenosine is released, our body activities instead of slowing down, speeds up.

However, taking it beyond the optimum level can lead to bleak impacts like nervousness as well as increased anxiety.


Caffeine helps you to stay awake at night and finish most of your piled-up work. However, too much intake of caffeine can lead to sleepless nights. According to studies, higher consumption of caffeine increases the amount it takes to fall asleep.


Coffee is like a drug and just like every drug, it can also lead to a daily habit of overdosing yourself with caffeine. If you consume high doses of caffeine, going without it for a few hours may cause physical as well as psychological dependency.

Even if one decreases the consumption of caffeine to almost nil, coffee alone is enough to pose some significant health issues like nausea, stomach upsets, increased cholesterol levels, etc.

Not just in coffee, caffeine is present in so many other things cola soft drinks, chocolate bars, energy bars, cocoa, and even in some cough syrups and tablets. Therefore, you must control your total intake of caffeine by lowering down consumption of the above-mentioned things.

Why should you choose organic coffee beans?

The main difference between conventional and organic coffee is the way coffee is grown and processed. The main reason for the cheap price of coffee is because of the increased use of pesticides and chemicals by the farmers.

In earlier days, farmers used to grow coffee in shade but to cope up with the ever-increasing demand, they process coffee beans under the sun by using pesticides, making the entire process faster and cheaper. The trees which provide shade to coffee beans, also provide branches in which birds can land and they, in turn, throw away any pests attracted to coffee plants acting as mere natural pesticides. But coffee grown directly under the sun is exposed to a lot of pests and parasites, forcing farmers to use heavy doses of pesticides. The chemicals present in coffee can lead to Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity, Birth defects, Infertility, and even Autism.

On the other hand, organic coffee beans prevent the development of chronic diseases, lowers blood sugar levels for diabetic patients, reduces oxidative stress, and even prevents the growth of cancer cells. You should always look for the label “shade-grown” before purchasing organic coffee-beans.

Black Latte – Nutritious Coffee to aid weight loss!

Now that you know the benefits of traditionally grown coffee, let me introduce one of the best-found coffees that retain all its natural benefits: Black latte Coffee. Black Latte is made up of L-carnitine, coconut (extract) milk, and activated carbon. It makes you look slimmer, zestful, and fit at the same time. The positive opinions from Bulgarian customers make this coffee a must buy product for all the coffee lovers.

Buying your own choice of organic coffee beans makes you aware of what you are drinking. Therefore, you should always be clear of the type of coffee you should buy and also the amount of coffee you should drink as it has a ṣlot of impact on your own health.

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