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The Trend of Renting the Wedding Dress In Delhi


The Trend of Renting the Wedding Dress & How You Can Save Hefty By Renting the Attire

A wedding outfit is perhaps the most pivotal element for any bride or groom. Not only it can make or break their dreamy wedding appearance but also it constitutes a huge chunk of the entire wedding budget.

It’s not every bride’s cup of tea to land up with the trendiest and designer wedding attire for her special day because of budget constraint and various other factors. If we go by the current statistics, on an average, an Indian bride spends around 50-60k on her wedding outfit alone. This is indeed quite a significant number and a far away number for those brides-to-be who have a puny budget to buy the wedding outfit.

All things aside, buying a wedding outfit with a hefty price tag is not an economical option for any individual. Then, what option does both the bride and groom left with to fulfil their longing for having the coveted wedding outfit?

Consider Taking Wedding Outfit on Rental…

It’s time for all the brides and grooms-to-be to get frolic as they can easily fulfil their dream of wearing the coveted wedding outfit at the special day without breaking the budget. Taking the wedding dress on rent in Delhi is really a smart and economical option for the individuals who don’t want to compromise a bit when it comes to wedding attire.

Nowadays, a majority of the e-commerce websites and local shop owners have started offering the groovy designer wedding outfits on rent. These stunning outfits usually cost 80-90% less on rent if compared to the actual price of outfits. It simply means the designer outfit which costs around 50k can be taken on rent at a mere price of 4-5k. Isn’t that astonishing and highly economical?

When you take a wedding outfit on rent, you save a hefty chunk of the amount which you can utilize towards other key wedding planning tasks like in planning a lavish honeymoon, a garish wedding entry, etc. The best part is even if you don’t find the preferred outfits at the local shops, you can easily spot them on the online platforms at the same cost.

Numerous Benefits of Wedding Dress on Rental

The first and the obvious benefit of renting the wedding dress is you can save big on your wedding attire. Where there you were going to spend 50k, you will only spend 90% less of the original amount which is humongous.

The second advantage is brides or grooms don’t have to take care of the dry cleaning and pressing of the outfit. They don’t have to find the dry cleaner and bring back the outfit in pristine condition again. Just hand it over to the shop owner once you are done using it.

The biggest perk of renting wedding outfits is at any time you can find the latest collection of designer wedding outfits. Shop owners and e-commerce giants constantly update their selection to provide the best, scintillating, and trendiest wedding outfit to the customers. You just name the outfit design and they will put it in front of you in no time.

Things to Keep in Mind When Taking The Wedding Dress on Rent

There are certain pointers that every bride and groom must know who are looking to take their wedding attire on rent. These pointers will save you from unnecessary fuss and give the best bang for your bucks.

1. Ask shop owners about the outfit altercation rules. Some companies will happily do the alterations for you, while others will forbid you for altercations.

2. Always confirm from the companies for how long you can take wedding outfit on rent? Usually, most of the companies render the time slot of 3-7 days, but it can higher depending on the company you choose to take outfit on rent.

3. Almost all the wedding rental wear companies charge a significant amount on the late submission of the outfit. You must know about the additional charges in case if you find yourself unable to return the wedding outfit on deadline.

4. Ask companies do they offer the insurance on wedding outfits on the rental? If you damage the outfit accidentally, the insurance of the outfit will help the owner to incur the cost and you don’t have to pay a single dime.

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