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8 Simple Steps of Doing Manicure At Home

Manicure At Home

Its the hand touch which makes an impression in the first meet itself. When we first meet, usually shake hand. What would be the thought of the opposite person, if he experiences the rough and dry touch? Finds odd right! Don’t worry we present here the process of smoothing your hands and this process is called manicure.

Manicure is done at saloons and spas but involves lot of cost. Manicure can be done at home also, with less money. These products are used in long run.

How to do Manicure At Home?

Grab the required tools: 

Essential tools are to be collected for doing manicure at home. Grab and gather one to get the spa like manicure. What are the tools required for manicure?

  • Nail polish remover
  • Cotton pads
  • Nail filer
  • Nail cutter
  • Nail cuticle
  • Nail buffer
  • Moisturiser
  • Nail cuticle cream
  • Nail polish

Remove nail polish:

  • Pick the nail polish remover which is non-acetone based.
  • Acetone easily removes the colour, but dries out the skin near the nails.
  • Take a cotton pad and dab some remover on it and remove the old nail polish.
  • After removing, clean your nails with water or mild shampoo

Trim your nails:

  • Take the nail cutter and cut them if the nails are too long or adjust them according to the size
  • Shape them with emery or crystal nail file. Try to do gently. Over aggressive leads to breakage of nails
  • Squared or rounded shaped nails are always preferred. It looks decent and stylish
  • Smooth the nails and sides with nail buffer. Do not smooth is excessively, so that the polish does not stick on the nails

Soak your nails:

Now comes the part of relaxation

  • Take a bowl of warm water
  • Add a face wash or cleanser
  • Soak nails in the bowl, for not more than 3 min
  • This helps cuticles to smoothen and dead skin cells as well

Remove cuticles:

  • after soaking part is done, clean your hands with cloth
  • Apply cuticle cream on the cuticle, for it to smoothen
  • Take a cuticle remover, and start pushing back cuticle from the nails
  • Do not tear or lift the cuticle, as it may lead to infection or nail damage
  • Cuticle protects nail bed. So excess of removing is also not recommended
  • Remove hang nails from the sides as well.

Moisturise hands and nails:

  • Apply moisturiser or cream to your hands
  • Massage your hands, fingers and nails as well
  • Massage at least for 10 minutes

Apply nail colour:

  • After applying moisturiser, clean your nails with cotton ball
  • Remove any oil or moisturiser from the nails, because colour might not stick to the nails
  • Take nail colour or transparent one and apply as base coat
  • Let it dry and now apply your favourite colour
  • Give time for the colour to dry.
  • Now again apply the nail colour, to get the saloon look

Moisturise again:

  • After the final coat of application is done,  moisturise again
  • Apply cream or lotion to your hands after nail polish is dried
  • This gives the complete saloon look and keeps your hands moisturised

Do’s and don’t while doing manicure

  • Never cut nails too short. Long nails look attractive
  • Do not use cuticle trimmers to take off the cuticles, as these may cause infection to nails
  • Get yourself prepared, as of which nail shape you would prefer
  • File your nails only in one direction, this helps from peeling off
  • Don’t be harsh on cuticles, as they can lead to infection
  • Roll the nail polish for 5-10 min, so that air bubbles are removed from the bottle
  • Shake the bottle well before applying
  • Never keep the bottle under the fan, as the liquid might become lump
  • Always paint in vertical line towards down side
  • Give time between coats of application. If not given, nail polish peels off easily
  • Apply top coat to retain and bring the extra colour to the nail


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