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How To Travel Stress-Free During Flu Season

travel Stress-Free During Flu Season

If you’ve been scrolling through Brillia Healthlooking for wellness remedies and stocking up on non prescribed anxiety medication in anticipation of an upcoming trip, it’s possible you may be looking for ways to keep stress levels at a minimum for staying healthy while traveling during flu season. Regular travel even when an illness isn’t spreading around can be tricky enough, but travelling while there’s a high risk of contracting the flu can feel like a delicate balancing act. The situation may seem stressful, but you can take several steps to remain calm and stay as safe as possible during your upcoming trip.

Pack Plenty of Preventative Medicines and a First Aid Kit

Part of feeling stressed during travel is psychological, so knowing that you’re well prepared in the event of illness or injury can take a huge weight off your shoulders. For instance, you can grab some cold flu prevention medicine to throw in your bag alongside a well-stocked first aid kit. Some essentials to keep on hand include bandages and antibacterial ointment.

Take Sanitizing Measures Wherever You Go

The flu can often be highly contagious, so one way to keep yourself safe is to sanitize everything you need to touch or be in contact with during your trip. Grab some sanitizing wipes, for example, and wipe down your plane seat before settling in. Other sanitation ideas include:

  • Bringing plenty of tissues
  • Carrying travel-sized hand sanitizer
  • Getting the flu shot before leaving

It may be extra helpful to make sure you’re in good shape health-wise before embarking on your trip. Boost your immune system pre-travel by loading up on healthy vegetables and making sure you stay hydrated. You can also pack small immune boosters to take throughout your trips, such as multivitamin gummies or vitamin C packets.

Bring Along a Relaxing Hobby

When you’re worked up about catching your plane or making sure you didn’t forget to pack anything important, it can be easy to overlook bringing something soothing with you, too.

However, having a hobby nearby and easily accessible can give you a convenient outlet for when you feel the stress starting to build up. For example, if you’re on a plane and feel the tension bubbling, you can pull a favorite book out of your bag, try a Sudoku puzzle or pick up some relaxing knitting. Whatever you choose, go with something you know takes you to your happy place.

Whether you’re taking a trip to see relatives for the holidays or just needed to get away for a weekend, travel during flu season can easily turn an exciting event into a stressful one where you’re stuck wondering how best to stay safe and protect your health. With these tips, however, you don’t have to stress out over your travel plans. You can easily incorporate soothing measures throughout the stages of planning and embarking on your travel to keep yourself, and others you may encounter, safe and well. Don’t forget to pick up any non-prescription medications you may want on hand for anxiety or cold and flu prevention.

Clean all your devices regularly.

Your phone, laptop, tablet, camera, e-reader, gaming console, headphones, and other electronic devices that you use regularly exposed to other contaminated surfaces such as TSA boxes and belts, seats and countertops.

Make a habit of cleaning your device – front and back – with alcohol-based wipes.

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Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth

The germs must find a way out before they can wreak havoc on the body. We touch such faces on our faces several times a day, so everything we do with our hands can affect our immunity.

Pro tip: Remember what hands are doing that can help you remove germs between washing hands and cleaning the device. An alternative is to allocate one hand to perform everyday tasks (i.e opening doors, giving high fives, pushing elevator buttons, changing parking changes). This leaves another on the personal side of things like faint nose scratches or eye rubbing.

Skip the foods/drinks on roadside stores

Choosing for convenience by grabbing crackers, muffins, or other package items that you can eat on the go can be exciting. Unfortunately, these products usually contain high amounts of processed sugar.

Sugar, usually insulin resistance, contributes to weight gain and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, which can also cause inflammation.

WellnessFX practitioners Karen Graham and Dr Ross Pelton both warn that a moderate sugar dose can suppress the immune system for 5-6 hours, reducing the body’s ability to fight infections.

Limit alcohol intake

Some reasons to limit alcohol intake can help your immune system.

 ·       The average holiday cocktail with juices and mixtures is high in sugar. That sugar suppresses the immune system for 5-6 hours.

·       Alcohol lacks micronutrients that make your immune system strong and can have adverse immune-related health effects. Sensitivity to pneumonia is one of them on the list.

·       Alcohol disrupts sleep. The negative effect on the quality of sleep will prevent the rest needed to protect your body from a cold.

·       Alcohol dehydration. Do not stop your body from getting the fluids needed for healthy organ functioning and digestion.

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