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5 Effective Tips To Reduce Menstrual Pain Instantly

Effective Tips To Reduce Menstrual Pain Instantly

Many women perceive menstrual days negatively. Painful sensations, bad moods, and stereotypes do their job. However, in this article, we will explain some ways to mitigate these manifestations. 

1- Harness The Power Of Herbs

Herbs are the first aid for pain relief during the menstrual cycle. Here are two recipes.

Tea Mixture For Premenstrual Pain

You will need yarrow, chamomile, daisy, calendula flowers. Mix in equal parts. Pour boiling water over two teaspoons of chopped herbs, cover, and leave for 10 minutes. After boiling, strain it, and drink two to three cups daily before your period.

Tea Mixture For Painful Menstruation

You will need yarrow, chamomile, cinquefoil, lavender flowers, and caraway seeds. Crush the caraway seeds. Mix the herbs in equal parts. Pour boiling water over two teaspoons of chopped herbs, cover, and leave for 10 minutes. For five days before the onset of menstruation, drink two to three cups daily. Repeat the technique for three cycles.

2- Cut Back On Certain Foods

Optimal nutrition, tailored to the needs of a particular phase of the cycle, improves well-being and alleviates unpleasant pain. During your period, try to cut back on the foods listed below.

Meat, Sausages, And Dairy Products

Cholesterol, contained in animal proteins, gets deposited in the vessels. Also, many animal products are sources of arachidonic acid. It is responsible for the production of prostaglandins, which contribute to the onset of inflammation and pain.

This is especially noticeable during menstruation. Meat and other animal products, including dairy products, may contain growth hormones. And they, in turn, can contribute to the formation of ovarian cysts.  Also, in their composition, you can find antibiotics that get added to the food of animals during the fattening period.

Obviously, a predominantly plant-based diet has beneficial effects on our health. If you do not plan to give up meat, give preference to the products of farms that raise livestock in good biological conditions.

Ready-Made Unhealthy Foods

Many ready-made foods contain not only high amounts of salt or sugar but also hydrogenated fats and saturated fatty acids. This causes inflammation in the body and can worsen menstrual pain.

Sugar And Premium Flour Products

Eating sweets and white bread leads to a sharp jump, and then an equally sharp drop in blood sugar levels. In addition, sugar removes calcium and magnesium from the body, creating a favorable environment for lower abdominal pain and increasing the risk of osteoporosis. 

You do not need to give up sweets completely; you just need to use more often cane sugar and natural sugars present in dried fruits. Alternatives can be sought in the form of rice syrup, maple syrup, coconut sugar, or honey.

Instead of premium flour, use brown flour more often. Whole grain is ground for its production. Thus, valuable nutrients are retained on the outer layer of the grain.

Caffeine And Alcohol

It can help narrow blood vessels, including those in the uterus. There is a high probability of increased menstrual pain. Excessive alcohol consumption increases such unpleasant manifestations of PMS like mood swings, headache, breast tenderness, and cramps.

In addition, by acting on testosterone and estrogen levels, it can alter cycle length. If you are an addict and having irregular periods, contact on toll-free alcohol hotline number for guidance.

3- Avoid Stress

Not only does stress negatively affect our mood, but it also has a direct impact on our periods. The production of the stress hormone cortisol and its long-term effects on the body can lead to irregular menstrual periods and even a lack of periods. You need to get a lot of sleep because lack of sleep is stressful. Allow yourself to get some sleep during the day or go to bed early.

4- Do Yoga

Many women are familiar with the pain in the mammary glands due to the peculiarities of the cycle. These manifestations get activated before and during menstruation. It hurts to touch the breasts, they are hot to the touch, and nodules are felt inside. On days like this, the bra is especially unbearable. It will help if you do yoga.

Execution Technique

Get on all fours. The back should be parallel to the floor, and the arms and hips should be perpendicular. Without moving your hips, move your palms as far forward as possible so that you can lower your chest and chin to the floor. Do not lean on your elbows, as then the load will be on the lower back. 

Keep your hips strictly perpendicular to the floor. Expand your shoulders and draw in your shoulder blades. Try to reach forward and direct your gaze between your palms. In this position, do at least ten breaths, relaxing with each exhalation. 

Breathing should be calm and even. Focus on expanding your chest and opening your shoulder joints. Let the lower backstretch. In this case, the navel must get pulled up to the spine, but without drawing in the stomach. Return to starting position.

5- Practice The Breathing Loop

Breathing can relieve pain and stress. If PMS is accompanied by unpleasant manifestations, there must be a breathing loop in your first aid kit.

Execution Technique

Close your eyes and consciously feel the air pass through your nose. Inhale and feel the abdominal wall rise. Exhale through the nose, the abdominal wall descends. Consciously follow your own breath and catch small pauses of silence between its flows. 

Again, take a deep but natural breath through your nose. As soon as you feel the impulse to change the direction of your breathing, breathe out calmly. This is the continuous cycle of oxygen supply and carbon dioxide removal. 

You strengthen all energy flows, free up space in the head, and relax muscle tissues. You should feel lightness, fullness, and closeness to yourself.


Though menstruation days are critical for women, they can ease the pain by following the tips mentioned in this article. Once you follow these tips and make them a part of your life, your menstruation pain will go away.

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