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Tips on Achieving a Youthful Skin with Missha

Youthful Skin with Missha

We all want to be forever young but unfortunately, with every passing day, we’re getting older and older. Everyone wants to age beautifully and gracefully but when we look at the lifestyle of this generation, it can be hard.  

There are certain reasons why skin ages prematurely and we have to avoid it as early as possible. Some studies suggest that poor diet and bad sleeping habits can actually increase the signs of skin aging. Genetics can also be a big influence but it is mostly a rare case.  

Establishing a skincare routine is a great way for you to maintain young and healthy skin as we age. It’s also a way of protecting your skin against environmental factors that can damage the skin. Korean skincare routine is known for doing wonders in creating youthful and glowing skin.  

Most Korean beauty products are highly effective in combating signs of skin aging with continuous use. Missha is a global brand that produces beauty products that are highly effective in fighting any type of skin issues. 

Here are some products you can use and tips you should keep in mind for you to achieve that youthful glow even in your 40s. 

1. Engage in a healthier lifestyle 

If you have any vices like smoking and drinking, you should drop it. It’s not easy, we know that, but if you really want to keep your body and skin healthy then you will find a way on how to do it.  

Smoking has been proven to cause premature skin aging and other serious skin disorders such as psoriasis. Drinking alcohol, on the other hand, does not cause acne but it can influence the hormone levels that may lead to acne build-up. 

2.Cleanse thoroughly 

Double cleansing is a famous method used in most Korean skincare routines. This is an effective way to get rid of heavy makeup, dirt, and impurities for your skin to look smooth and healthy. It can also remove pore-clogging particles inside your pores. 

It’s also important to use cleansers that are specially formulated for your skin type for better cleansing. You should check out Missha’s Super Off Cleansing Oil. It offers 4 kinds made for different skin types.

3.Don’t skip eye creams 

The skin around the eye area is where the first sign of skin aging develops. This delicate skin needs extra moisture and nutrients to avoid the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s going to happen, that’s for sure, but if you can delay the process then why not, right? 

Facial creams do not give enough nourishment to the eye area so it’s important to use something made for that area. from We recommend you to try MISA Geum Sul Vitalizing Eye Cream. This cream contains many nutrients the skin needs to avoid wrinkling and sagging. It can also firm up saggy skin with continuous use.  

4.Drink plenty of water 

We know you’ve seen this everywhere but this works wonders. Not only that it is healthy for the body as it flushes out toxins but it also increases blood flow to the skin which gives it a nice, even skin tone. The skin can get easily dehydrated which can result in acne. Drinking plenty of water can make the skin’s water-oil balance be on the right track. It can even provide you a natural glow. Try it for 2 weeks straight, you’ll see the difference. 

5.Invest in high-quality essences 

Essences are liquid formulation that effectively provides intense hydration and other nutrients to the skin by deeply penetrating our skin. It is formulated to target skin issues such as skin aging and dry skin. It is lighter than serums but their effectiveness is almost the same. 

Let us introduce you to Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence Rx. This cult-favorite essence and Missha’s best-selling product offers anti-aging and whitening benefits while providing basic skin needs for healthier and radiant skin. 


As the saying goes, nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it. It’s going to take a long time but commitment and patience should be your best friend. Having and maintaining young and radiant skin while you age will not be a gift but a reward for your dedication to your skincare routine. Let’s achieve our goals at our own pace. Stay beautiful and healthy!

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