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Best Shapes of Engagement Rings for Your Bride

Engagement Rings

Getting engaged to the love of your life is a milestone that every woman looks forward to in their life. An engagement ring symbolizes promise and commitment. It is also an essential accessory that your partner will be wearing throughout their life.

There are loads of options and shapes out there, from the classic pear shaped engagement ring to the new and trendy heart-shaped ones. Here are some of the best shapes of engagement rings for your bride. 

Round Brilliant Shape

This classical ring is cone-shaped and has a rounded off the top. It is one of the most iconic, popular, and classy ring styles for brides. With the proper reflection, this shape maximizes the sparkle and the fire of the diamond, and who can say “no” to a good sparkle.

Round cut diamonds work well as solitaires and also in geometric settings. If you are going for that perfect, classic look, round-cut engagement rings are the right choice for you.

Pear-Shaped Ring

The teardrop or the pear shape engagement ring is a hybrid-styled ring that has predominantly been in the scene since the 1400s. And in the 1960s, Frank Sinatra’s fiancé was seen flaunting the style. The marquise and oval contribute to the ring’s unique shape, a perfect choice for brides inspired by the vintage vibes and themes.

If you are wearing a pear-shaped ring when seen from the top view, you will notice more of the stone, and the pear-shaped diamond will appear larger than they are. It is an excellent option for those who want to show off your big ring along with the sparkle. 

Princess-Cut Shape

That fairy tale wedding and marrying the prince is something every bride dreams of. What else can make this come true other than a princess cut engagement ring style? It is a versatile face-up style ring, complete with a rectangle or square side, making it a good choice for many themes.

You will get a geometrical and modern look along with brilliance, and it also goes easy on your pocket compared to round cut rings. 

Emerald-Cut Ring

With a visible rectangular step cut, cropped corners, and open table, this is a popular choice for Art Deco aesthetic. Its angular lines and long silhouettes easily capture the diamond’s clarity while catching the light. 

If set vertically, this shape will help your fingers look slender and longer. If you are looking for an understated and less flashy style engagement ring, this is the right choice for you.

Radiant Cut Ring

The radiant-cut diamond, which Henry Grossbard invented in 1977, true to its name, can catch the light significantly. Its shape is similar to the emerald cut ring, but it has unique and deep cut facets, which gives it that extra sparkle. 

If you don’t want to leave behind the classic shapes, then this shape will be the best choice as it has an unchangeable and timeless nature. The deep cuts make the stone look smaller, so if you love to flaunt bigger rocks, you should probably pick the pear shape engagement ring. 

Heart-Shaped Ring

If you are a hopeless romantic, this is an exceptional choice in the list just for you. This contemporary shape has alluring femininity to it, which will look great as a solitaire on a clean and straightforward band or even in an elaborate one. 

The brilliance and symmetry give a ring the gleam. And it is regarded as modern and trendy and has been rocking the scene since the later 2000s.

Research different types of rings and have a clear idea of what you want to get before the time nears. Be it classic, traditional, modern, unique, or eclectic, choose the right one and present it to your bride with love. After all, anything given with love is cherished forever. 


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