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What’s the Difference Between Almond and Oval Nails

Almond and Oval Nails

When getting a manicure, the most challenging thing to do is choose from the different nail shapes. The correct shape acts as a base of any good manicure. Almond nails and oval nails are pretty famous for flattering your fingers. Both these shapes are perfect to spice up the look of your hands and fingers. 

If you wonder what the key differences between almond and oval nails are, you are at the right place. There are very subtle yet distinctive differences between the two shapes. Understanding them will help you decide on the “Right Yet Best Nail Shape” when you visit the nail salon next time. 

1.What’s In the Shape?

Oval nails feature slightly tapered sides that end in a soft semicircle and offer a natural shape. They are one of the strongest shapes among the different nail shapes that are least prone to breaking.

Almond-shaped nails are considered a version of oval nails. The shape is achieved by keeping a broad base and tapering the sides that end in a rounded point like an almond.

2.The Shape of the Nail bed

Oval-shaped nails suit every type of nail bed, both narrow and wide. Almond-shaped nails fit a wider nail bed as it draws attention to the narrowing tip.

3.Shape of Fingers

Oval nails look good on short fingers as they replicate the finger’s shape and make the fingers look longer, while almond-shaped nails are ideal for both short and long fingers. 

4.What Are They Ideal For?

Oval nails are ideal when you are working with natural nails. Hence, they are suitable for both long and short nails. You do not need long nails to flaunt this shape, but your nails should be longer than your fingertips.

Almond-shaped nails offer an elongated shape best suited for medium to long nails, creating an illusion of extra length.


If you want to make your fingers look slender and longer, oval nails are a good choice. This shape will also look great on longer lengths adding a delicate and elegant appearance. 

Almond nails can slenderize thicker fingers and wider nail beds. It is a very flattering shape giving a beautiful tapered look to your hands. 

6.Best Shape

If you want something underrated yet chic, oval-shaped nails are best to opt for. They are favored for an everyday look. 

Almond nails are great when you want something trendy for your nails. Make a statement with your almond-shaped nails that will likely catch everyone’s eye. If you have long and strong nails, this shape will bring out an elegant look. 


Oval nails require minimal maintenance, while almond-shaped nails will require maintenance every two to three weeks when done using acrylic nails. 


Oval nails have a weaker structure as the sides are slightly filed away. 

A drawback of almond-shaped nails is that it can make your natural nails weak and is more prone to breakage. It is difficult for natural nails to hold this look, and they are usually reinforced with gel or acrylic. 


Oval-shaped nails will not disrupt your lifestyle and will allow you to do all your day-to-day activities comfortably. 

Almond-shaped nails require longer nails and can be an issue while doing housework or playing sports. 

10.Best With

Oval-shaped nails are perfect for experimenting with colors and look good with both neutral and brighter polishes. They are a popular choice to display nail art.

Nude, shiny, and metallic polishes will look great on almond-shaped nails. 

You can now choose your preferred shape and add a feminine and flattering look to your hands. Match your nails with the perfect color and let your hands do the talking. 

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