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These Shorts Are So Comfy You Can Wear Them All Day 


When the summer months arrive, fashion transitions into flowy dresses, strappy sandals and swimming suits that let you show off your beautiful curves. However, finding the right pair of shorts can be a major challenge since the apparel item tends to ride up the thighs, impact a girl’s PH levels and cause painful thigh chaffing. We know that research can be time consuming, so we did it for you. Here’s our list of shorts that are so comfortable you’ll want to wear them all day. 

Everlane’s Cotton Shorts 

 With their high-waist design and flattering fit, you’re bound to fall in love with Everlane’s cotton shorts. Styled to rest comfortably at the narrowest section of your waist, you’ll want to pair them with a fitted t-shirt or flowy tank top. The manufacturer designed them with a loose fit through the thighs and tush to prevent them from sliding uncomfortably up your legs. Since they’re made from cotton twill, they’re durable. The fabric will also give you a polished look, which means that you can dress them up or down with ease. Everlane even made the pockets deep enough to actually use. 

Wknd Nation’s PJ Shorts 

 Wknd Nation’s PJ shorts are so soft you’ll never want to take them off. They are made from lightweight 100% rayon material that will rest softly against your skin. These PJ shorts feature a tulip side seam that shifts freely to prevent the wearer from feeling restricted. Not only will you want to sleep in Wknd Nation’s PJ shorts, but you’ll also want to work out in them or just wear them while you’re lounging around the house. These shorts look stylish too, so you’ll feel comfortable keeping them on when you need to run errands or spend time with a friend. 

Spanx’s Stretch Shorts 

 Spanx has branched out from underwear and leggings. They now make super comfortable stretch twill shorts, the kind that you’ll want to keep on all day. Classy looking and the perfect length, you can wear Spanx stretch shorts to sophisticated events or ones that are casual. They feature a smooth, flat front that makes them easy to pair with dressy blouses or relaxed t-shirts. Spanx decided to garment dye their shorts to give them a modern and slightly faded look that you’re sure to love. 

Old Navy’s Everyday Shorts 

 Old Navy is known for its affordability and quality clothing, so the company’s mid-rise twill shorts are a good value. They feature a high waistband that won’t gap while the twill material provides you with enough stretch to keep you comfortable all day. Old Navy’s everyday shorts include wrinkle-free technology, making them perfect for trail hikes followed by dinner out. 

Universal Standard’s Swim Shorts 

 Don’t get hung up on the name “swim shorts” because the ones made by Universal Standard can go anywhere. Made from a quick-drying fabric, the company’s swim shorts are a great way to cover up after a dip in the ocean, but the way that they are styled will also make you feel comfortable wearing them to lunch with friends or a casual dinner. They feature pockets that are deep enough for car keys and your wallet. The company manufactured them with a high-low inseam that prevents the shorts from riding up your thigh. 

Carve Designs Oahu Shorts 

 Carve Designs Oahu Shorts are becoming popular due to their perfect length and color variety. The inseam measures 4 inches, and they come in sizes that range from zero to 16. Carve Designs Oahu Shorts will appeal to teens and moms. They feature rough edging that add style as well as a timeless look that’s easy to pair with long-sleeved shirts, dressy blouses and casual tank tops. 

 Madewell Relaxed Denim Shorts 

 You might be wondering why denim shorts are on a list of shorts that you can wear all day, but Madewell’s relaxed denim shorts are super comfortable since they are manufactured from a soft denim fabric. They are also wonderfully stylish with their whisper fade shading and slight amount of destruction. The relaxed fit means that they’ll surround your thighs without squeezing them. You’ll love wearing these denim shorts in the house relaxing or out and about.

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