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How to get protection from Corona medical treatment expenses?

Corona Kavach Policy: Buy Online Corona Kavach Insurance

Coronavirus is affecting a lot of people in various parts of the world today. More than 1 million have lost their lives due to the spreading of the virus. It is mainly caused by infections which can lead to severe symptoms such as fever, coughs, breathing difficulties, etc. In India, the number of Coronavirus patients is increasing day by day and they find it difficult to manage the medical expenses. As a result, some insurance providers introduced a separate coverage for Coronavirus patients to gain more advantages. Corona Kavach insurance is one among them that aims at providing high protection to patients with excellent features. It gives ways to manage the financial burden effectively allowing a patient to recover from the disease without any worries.

The insurance policy serves as a protective shield for Covid-19 patients because it helps to get coverage for all medical expenses. Moreover, it provides methods to get high-quality treatments in approved hospitals to improve the conditions effectively. However, one should know the policy details from different sources before investing money.

Why Covid-19 patients need health insurance?

The treatments for Covid-19 are expensive and they are available only in leading private hospitals. Since Coronavirus patients need hospitalization, it becomes difficult to manage the daily expenditure. Moreover, they undergo treatment in isolated wards to prevent risks. 

Covid-19 treatment also includes intensive testing, oxygen supply for breathing, and medications. The medical costs of Coronavirus may vary from one private hospital to another private hospital in a location. Therefore, having health insurance enables patients to manage hospital expenses effectively that will help accomplish goals to a large extent. 

Those who are having respiratory problems should take extreme care when they want to prevent Covid-19. Hence, they should consider choosing a policy that offers coverage for Coronavirus problems. 

What are the things covered by standard Coronavirus health insurance?

A standard Coronavirus health insurance covers some important things enabling patients to get peace of mind from the financial crisis. Anyone who wants to buy the same should evaluate them in detail that will help make the right decision.

Here are some features covered in a standard plan.

1. Extended hospitalization cover 

Covid-19 patients need medical observation in a hospital for few days depending on their health condition. This will lead to high medical bills and not everyone cannot afford them after getting admission to a private hospital. Coronavirus health insurance offers extended hospitalization cover for patients to avoid inflated medical bills. 

2. High sum insured 

A standard health insurance plan offers coverage starting from 3 to 5 lakhs. Furthermore, one can consider buying add-ons to take care of any co-pay or deductible amounts. A high-sum insured allows patients to ensure high-level protection from high medical expenses. 

3. Coverage for the entire family 

A standard health insurance plan offers coverage for the entire family that will help gain more advantages. Having a family floater plan with low sub-limits provides ways to get coverage on Pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization. 

How Coronavirus Kavach insurance policy differs from the standard insurance policy?

The Coronavirus Kavach policy offers additional features when compared to a standard insurance policy. Some of them include:

1. Cashless claim 

Patients can avail of cashless treatments for Coronavirus in more than 8350+ hospitals after buying this policy. An insurance provider will pay amounts directly to a hospital subject to terms and conditions. On the other hand, the facility is available only in approved hospitals that will lower the expenses. 

2. Covers expenses for medical equipment 

Covid-1o patients can use the policy for PPE, gloves, surgical appliances, medicines, drugs, ventilators, and masks. 

3. Home treatment coverage 

The policy also offers coverage for home treatment allowing patients to focus more on health conditions. At the same time, it provides coverage for a maximum of 14 days.

4. Ayush treatment

Covid-19 patients who undergo Ayurveda and other treatments are eligible to claim amounts with no sub-limits. 

5. Offers coverage for other expenses 

The policy offers coverage for other expenses such as consulting fees, intensive care unit charges, operation theatre charges, diagnostic test charges, special fees, etc. 

6. Minimal waiting period 

Coronavirus Kavach insurance policy has a waiting period of 15 days after issuing a policy to a person. 

Where to buy this policy?

Anyone who wants to buy the policy should select the topmost company which caters to their needs and budget. Care Insurance is a leading firm that offers Coronavirus Kavach plan for customers at affordable rates. One should know the eligibility and other requirements while buying this policy. It is ideal for those who want to manage medical expenses after getting admission to a private hospital. Free quotes are available online that will help gather more information as soon as possible. New policy buyers should follow the terms and conditions when they like to buy the policy from the company.  

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