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How to Stop Your Foundation From Oxidizing and Getting Dark?

Oxidizing and Getting Dark

Here are some ideas for how to prevent your foundation from becoming oxidized

1. Clean your face deeply

Make use of a cleanser that can deeply cleanse your pores and get rid of any pre-settled oils and dirt that have accumulated on your skin. Don’t skip this step or overlook it. Whatever the skin is dry and clean, there’s plenty under the layers that aren’t obvious and require to be taken off.

2. Massage your skin using the help of ice cubes

This isn’t an absolute requirement; sharing our top tricks with you is vital. Ice cubes can help greatly soothe your skin and keep it tight. It assists in preventing the production of oil within your skin and keeps the makeup in place over your face for a prolonged period of time. It also reduces pores’ appearance on your skin before applying your primer.

3. Find a great toner

Only a small percentage of people know how vital toner is before applying makeup. A quality toner is essential and should be used in a timely manner before applying your moisturizer. Toner aids in balancing the PH of your skin. It also absorbs the extra residue left from the cleanser.

Those with oily or combination skin more intensely experience oxidation. A good toner could alter the game. It does not just help protect the integrity of your foundation shade but also helps protect your skin from acne breakouts as well as manifestations.

4. Freeze and roll down Jade rollers

Cool a jade roller, then apply it gently on your skin. A quality Jade roller aids in improving the blood flow of your face. It also aids in the absorption of the product to the skin. It’s also a quick treatment for dark, puffy eyes and dull skin prior to applying layers of makeup to your face.

5. Begin with the Primer

Apply your foundation using an adhesive based on silicone to hold the foundation in its place. The primer creates a neutral film on the surface of your skin and protects your foundation from oxidizing. We are amazed by how the primer adheres to the skin quickly and provides a smooth matte canvas.

6. Make sure you have a foundation

The essential step to do right now. Establishing a brand’s foundation may take time, or may eventually be able to work on the first try for several others as well. To be honest, taking your time, and selecting the perfect shade and brand is an enormous challenge. Some brands have a lighter consistency, while some are heavy and difficult to mix. Light formulations are usually very easy to work with, but with dense foundations, they offer full coverage but can be challenging to mix. Make sure to do some research and search for the foundations that are appropriate for your type of skin. When choosing a product, one important aspect to consider is to select an unscented product. They could cause skin damage and cause irritation.

Be sure to do one small patch test of your skin and then match the shade for about 10 minutes. Also, don’t resist the urge to play with the various shades. Different brands offer different shades of skin tones, and you must choose one that appears natural and flawless.

7. Use your fingertips to blend foundation

Here’s a quick tip from a professional to master the technique of applying foundation. Do not use your fingertips to force the foundation onto your skin. Make use of a brush or sponge applicator to blend the foundation and smooth your face. Many beauty experts also suggest that using a beauty blender reduces the risk that the foundation will oxidize because it stops the over-application.

8. Blot the excess out!

No one wants a heavy, caked face. Blot off the excess product and take off the foundation that sits unnecessarily upon your face.

9. Get it all powdered up

The entire base should be set with a quality setting loose powder. The loose powders aid in the oxidation of excessive oils and can also protect the foundation from being oxidized. It is not necessary to opt for a high-priced one. If you’re out of makeup, try setting your makeup using baby powder. However, make sure you remove it promptly. The white residue can make you appear like a ghost in a flash.

10. Final setting-up

After you’ve set it with powder, sift the makeup and powder off your face. Apply a setting spray to finish setting your makeup. It’s not an essential step. However, we would recommend to take this step. Be sure to keep the bottle from your face and then apply the spray to your face. If you spray too close, it could ruin the flawlessness of your whole makeup.

A few tips for picking your foundation

  • Your foundation should match between your neck and your cheeks. Do not test on your wrists or hands as the appearance of your face is different from the other areas of your body.
  • Apply the foundation and let it sit for a minimum of 15 minutes. Watch the effect of oxidation first.
  • Beware of the claims of big brands. Different foundations contain different ingredients and shades. Apply a patch test to check the formula and its effect on your skin.
  • Apply two to three shades close to one another so you can see the differences and are able to compare them easily.
  • Make sure the shade is in sunlight. We strongly advise that you should not be confused by the lighting in the showroom or shop. The natural light source is your most reliable guide to follow and will show the actual impact.
  • If your preferred brand of foundation is oxidizing across your face, choose three to four colors of light. It’s okay to apply a foundation that oxidizes; there’s a good chance that it’ll get absorbed by the skin and blend very well. You can warm it up by applying some bronzer. Don’t try to achieve the exact shade, as it could get darker later.

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