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Stand Out with A Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

When thinking about getting engaged, you know one of the thoughts that takes over your mind is the ring. The size of it. The shape of it. The setting of it. It’s something you think about constantly. 

There are so many options for an engagement ring these days. From colored gems, to carat weight, to the shape. You know you would freak out if you saw someone wearing a diamond engagement ring that looked just like yours. 

You want yours to stand out. To get compliments. To be as unique as you are. Pear shaped engagement rings can do just that.

More Unique Shape

The pear shape diamond isn’t all that popular. But don’t let that deter you. Just because it’s not the most popular doesn’t mean anything about the diamond itself. 

This can actually work in your favor. If it’s less popular, that means there will be fewer of them out there. So your ring will be more unique because it’s a shape that not a lot of people go for.

Also, that is a good thing for your setting. Because of the unique shape, jewelry have to get creative with the setting. You can really have some fun playing with the style of the setting for your pear diamond.

It Will Look Bigger

The overall shape of a pear diamond will work in your favor as well if you are wanting your ring to look bigger. Size matters after all. A pear shape diamond looks up to 8% bigger than a normal round diamond shape. 

So if you couldn’t afford as large of a diamond as you wanted, getting a pear shaped diamond can work to your (and your budget’s) advantage. If you can afford to get a bigger ring (over 1 carat) then your ring will look huge. 

Not Your Everyday Diamond

We already said pear shaped diamonds were unique, and we meant it. This shape is for women who have a more bold approach to life. The more popular round and princess cuts are the safer, more well-known bets. 

But if you don’t want to be safe, if you don’t want what everyone else is wearing, go for a pear shape. It will show that you want to stand out, that you don’t want to be like everyone else, and that you don’t care what’s trendy or popular.

They Are Cheaper

We aren’t saying it matters, but if it matters to you, pear shape diamonds are more cost effective. The same carat weight as a round or princess cut can cover more surface area in a pear diamond because of the shape. 

Because if the way the elongated shape looks, you can get more bang for your buck with a pear shape. So that in itself could be a major deciding factor.

You Can Wear It Whichever Way

Probably one of the most fun things about a pear shaped ring is how universal it is. You can wear it with the point up or the point down. You could even have it fit in the setting to be worn horizontally. 

There is so much room for activities with a pear shape. You can’t go wrong and no matter which way you wear it, it will look beautiful.

Pear shaped diamonds also look amazing with side stones in the setting. While you can always wear it as a solitaire, a pear shape really pops with different shape diamonds on the sides.

So, if you are looking for a diamond that will have you standing out from the crowd, you should go with a pear shape. Go with a pear shaped engagement ring that is just like you, boldly unique.

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