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Causes, Consequences And Remedies Of Sleep Talk


Are there any days, you sit on the bed, seeing your child or hubby murmuring or talking while sleeping. Those days are horrible, with sleepless night but sometimes its funny to see.  It’s not a serious disease, but cannot be neglected or avoided. It can disturb sometimes for many. It is called as sleep talk.

What is Sleep Talk?

Sleep talk called as somniloquy, is talking in the sleep. It is not restricted to any age.  A child of 5 yrs to 70 yrs old elder can talk. It’s an odd behavior which is done during sleep.  It’s strange to hear sometimes the talk may end up to 30 seconds daily or often. These odd behavior are seen more in males and kids rather than females. There are cases where, many of them would be sleeping away from the families, this in turn leading to insomnia or lack of sleep. (Read: How to fight swine flu)

Are there any reasons for sleep talk? Is this considered serious. Sleep talk may vary from mild to severity

Mild :

Sleep talk may vary only for a week or a month.

Moderate :

Sleep talk occur every alternate day, within a month and does not disturb other people in the same room.

Severity :

Talk prolongs for more than a month and often disturbs the people of other rooms as well.

Reasons for sleep talk:

  • kids of around 3-12 yrs old talk frequently while sleeping occasionally or day by day.
  • Taking of too much mental stress throughout the day. (Read: Indications of kidney Bad functioning)
  • Taking certain kind of medications.
  • consuming alcohol and tobacco
  • Sleep talk is also related to sleep walk. People sometimes murmur while sleep walking.
  • While having high temperature.
  • Reports are less, but genetically kids also suffer from sleep talk
  • Night mares and night terrors

Consult doctor

  • when the patient is going violent while talking,
  • talking unstoppable,
  • if the chats repeat daily for hours,

How to avoid ?

  • there is no specific reason, for sleep talk. But yes, doctors suggests to maintain a dairy of
  • what you are eating. (Read: Urine colors related to health)
  • the caffeinated drinks which you are drinking daily, at what you are drinking.
  • Never take tea before 4 hours you sleep. The caffeinated present in tea and coffee avoids sleep.
  • What time the meals are taken. Avoid taking heavy meals at night time.
  • Avoid alcohol to the maximum
  • What hours and how long we are sleeping.
  • The types of medicines you are taking.
  • Consult a sleep specialist
  • If you are alone and willing to talk to someone and find none of them, then that desire comes out at night time.
  • If you are leading a stressful life, then its better to take a break and move out to the refreshing place, from where we stay, for refreshing mood.
  • Go out for a short walks in a refreshing air, so that mind gets relaxed and gets better sleep.
  • Opt for yoga and exercise related to sleep, and observe whether there is a change or not
  • Avoid watching horror movies while going to bed, this leads to shouting and getting scared during sleep
  • Take a refreshing bath, before going to bath, so that it soothes you internally and externally as well.

Home remedies :

Valerian :

Valerian is herb, is available as oil in the stores. These herbs acts as sedatives, increases the levels of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) to the nervous system, calms down the nerves and gives a relaxing sleep. 

Wild lettuce :

Wild Lettuce or lettuce opium is often taken as the dosage for sleep talk. This is usually taken before sleep. It relaxes and soothes your brain and body thus giving you good sleep. Consult doctor for the dosage.

Chamomile tea:

Chamomile Tea contains an antioxidants called apigenin, works as receptors, which decreases anxiety and increases sleep. Take at least twice a day for 2 weeks and see the difference

Lavender :

Take lavender oil and aroma therapy, which when infused in the air, can give a soothing effect to the brain and relaxes nervous system.  (Read: How to remove kidney stones with food)

Hops :

Hops are the female flowers which is used as sedatives, which decreases the body temperature, increases GABA(gamma-aminobutyric acid) present in the brain and gives a good night sleep.

Melatonin :

Melatonin is the hormone in the body, which tell brain, at what to sleep and what time to wake up. Excessive of melatonin leads to excessive sleep. To have a good sleep, take a dose of melatonin supplements.

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