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13 Latest Navratri Mehndi Designs For Durga Puja

Navratri Mehndi Designs

Navratri is the festive season of puja, playing garba and dandiya. The whole navratri is of 9 days ending on ‘mahadasami’ as ‘Dussera’. Dussera is the season of celebration and decorating ourselves just like goddess Durga. Looking beautiful is incomplete without mehndi designs.

Check out the navratri special mehndi designs :

1.Stunning Fullhand Navratri Mehndi Designs:

Applying mehndi designs for full hands is the cultural ritual which every one does during navratri’s. The design is designed in floral and leaves mehndi at the end and starting point. In the middle of the design comes the net design which is designed adjacently


2.Stylish Arabic Navratri Mehndi Designs:

The arabic design is designed at the back of the hand adjacently. The design mainly comprises of flowers and leaves heavy quoted. The flowers exactly replicate jasmine flowers, which are boldly and thickly drawn.


3.Latest Navratri Foot Mehndi Designs:

Foot also has to designed equally. The entire foot has to be designed with bold flowers and leaves. The flowers in the design replicate rose flowers with dazzling leaves. Fingers are designed with curvy leaves and net bead designs.

mehndi designs

4.Navratri Mehandi Tatoos Designs:

These simply suit to the young girls, who goes to college and schools. These are the special navratri mehndi designs which are designed in floral and leaves. A big mango is designed with flowers and leaves above it. These flower tattoos are the trending one for this navratri


5.Unique Navratri Mehndi Designs:

These are the stylish mehndi designs in front and back hand. At the front curvy mehndi is designed just like small anklets with bold net beads and small hearts. The flowers joins the anklets in curvy way. At the back of the hand comes the circle mehndi design, starting from finger tip to the wrist


6.Beautiful Navratri Mehndi Patterns:

These are the unique design patterns which gives a refreshing feeling. On the fingers and wrist is designed with bangle mehndi designs. Middle part is designed acrossly with net design with flowers and leaves up and down. Leaves and flowers are designed boldly and thickly



7.Traditional Navratri Mehndi Designs:

Traditionally designing mehndi designs are unique and beautiful to look at. This design is a mix of arabic and rajasthani mehndi design, with arabic on the palm and rajasthani on the wrist and hand part. The small flowers are the special attraction of the mehndi designs.


8.Special Navratri Mehndi Designs:

At the back of the hand is designed flowers boldly into 3 parts in 3 ways. Flowers are designed boldly with net beads design with net beads. On the wrist part are designed small flowers with leaves extending to it


9.Navratri Peacock Mehndi Tattoo Designs:

Peacocks are always the added attraction to mehndi’s. If it is the tattoo, then the beauty doubles. Here is the peacock tattoo mehndi up and down in a circle mehndi design. The peacocks re drawn as if they are playing in a garden


10.Backhand Navratri Mehndi Designs:

The back hand mehndi designs are designed in arabic design with black henna. Flowers are interconnected one another with leaves and flowers. Fingers are designed with leaves and curls design.


11.Kolkata Navratri Mehndi Designs:

Kolkata is famous for celebrating durga pooja. The ladies in kolkata does not come out with out applying mehndi during durga puja. The entire hand is designed with peacocks, flowers and leaves design connecting one to other


12.Floral Navratri Mehndi Designs:

The two bold flowers are the added attraction to this mehndi design. Flowers are designed with black henna with leaves hanging over it. Adjacently is deisned with net beads and drop down leaves and beads.


13.Black Henna Navratri Mehndi Designs:

Black henna mehndi designs are simple unique, bold and black. Dark bold flowers are designed interconnecting one to other. The first finger is designed with a dash of leaves and small creepers.



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