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Men and Their Multivitamin Options

Men and Their Multivitamin Options

If a guy wants to be healthy, do not constantly feel tired, and also maintain physical activity for many years, he should get a multivitamin for men. Such drugs contain a complex of various minerals and nutrients needed by the human body.

How to choose a?

In any pharmacy, there are many different vitamin and mineral complexes, so let’s see how to find the best multivitamins for men.
First, be sure to study the label of the drug, you should pay attention to what percentage of the daily intake of a particular vitamin or mineral contains one tablet. It is not necessary to acquire the product, which is often referred to as 100%, that is, it contains the amount of vitamins of a certain group that a person needs per day. If the guy’s diet contains at least 1-2 servings of fruits and vegetables per day, you can buy a cheaper drug.
Secondly, consider your lifestyle, for example, for men, athletes require multivitamins, 80-100% overlapping daily need. But for those whose lifestyle is not so active, you can choose a drug that contains 50-70%.
Thirdly, remember that the guys just don’t need iron in large quantities, so you cannot buy drugs that contain this mineral. It is better to pay attention to the complexes where there is vitamin E and selenium, these substances are necessary for the normal functioning of the urogenital system, as well as to strengthen the walls of blood vessels.
And finally, in order to purchase the best multivitamins for men, be sure to look at the package to indicate that this complex is intended for guys. Modern studies show that women and the stronger sex need to take different vitamins, because the needs of the organisms of the girl and the boy are also different. For this reason, pharmaceutical companies began to produce similar products for women, and for men.

How to choose and take vitamins, if so decided to do it.

1. Take vitamins once a day, at the same time, so that the interval is about 24 hours. It is best to do this in the morning before breakfast.
2. If the complex vitamins and minerals are represented by individual pills, take vitamins in the morning, and minerals at lunch. There are vitamin complexes consisting not of two, but of three types of pills: morning, afternoon and evening. This option is even better, because it eliminates the explosive increase in the concentration of vitamins in the body described above.
3. Pay attention to the fact that minerals are not in the form of salts (as a rule, they are sulphates), but combined with amino acids. In this case, the composition next to the name of the mineral – the same magnesium or iron – is the words “glycinate” or “protein hydrolyzate.” Such protein compounds are absorbed by the body better than simple salts.
4. Drink vitamins with water and only with water. Large full 200-milliliter faceted glass or its analogue, as close as possible to the original.
5. The American market for vitamins is the largest and most developed in the world, thanks to Linus Pauling. In addition to all sorts of multivitamins, there are a lot of specialized complexes and individual vitamins sold there, so if a doctor prescribes a course for a particular vitamin, you should look for business trip friends.
6. Only 14% of vegetarians and vegans get the right amount of vitamins with food. If you do not eat meat, perhaps you need vitamin assistance. Animal food contains mostly vitamins D and B12, it is also rich in vitamin A, so you need to pay attention to drugs that focus on these substances.
7. Vitamins may interfere with other drugs that you take. For example, it is not recommended to take vitamin E and vitamin K along with a course of medication that strengthens blood vessels. Vitamin A is poorly compatible with antibiotics, and vitamin D – with diuretics and drugs for heartburn and other stomach disorders.
8. Choose suitable for you vitamins. There are complexes developed on the basis of the patient’s sex, age and lifestyle: the more specialized the complex, the more likely it is that the vitamins it contains are suitable for you.
9. Artificial dyes, hydrogenated oils, titanium dioxide, talc – these additives are often present in tablets, including vitamins. There are no health benefits in them, so make sure that they are not in the composition of those drugs that you take.
10. Vitamins A and D are fat soluble and are slower excreted from the body (in particular, unlike water-soluble vitamins, they do not come out with urine). Watch the dosage, so as not to harm the body. One tablet of multivitamins should contain no more than 3000 IU of vitamin A – or 5000 IU of beta-carotene – and 400 IU of vitamin D.
11.Assimilation of vitamin B12 is a rather difficult task for the digestive system. Problems with it can cause a deficiency of this vitamin in the body. For such cases, there are easily digestible forms of vitamin B12, faster and easier to enter the blood.
12. And in case of problems with digestion, look for vitamin C in the form of calcium ascorbate, it behaves in the stomach as delicately as possible.

Cheap Multivitamins for Men

Experts and ordinary people recommend paying attention to the following complexes:

Alphabet for men. This complex, in addition to various minerals and vitamins, contains ginseng root extract, which is able to increase mental alertness, which means that the drug will be useful to those who experience a constant feeling of fatigue and suffer from nervous exertion and stress. On the day you will need to drink 3 pills, each of which contains a certain complex of vitamins and minerals.
Duovit for men. This drug helps to fight chronic fatigue, increases the efficiency and resistance of the body to stress. Of course, it has a beneficial effect on the immune system, so the drug is advised to take during a period when various infections are rampant.
Vitrum Life. This complex prevents premature aging of cells, increases the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels and strengthens them, enhances brain activity. Taking the drug, you can get rid of the effects of stress, normalize the immune system and defeat chronic fatigue.
These three complexes, according to many experts, are inexpensive and effective means; therefore, taking them, a man can quickly recover from an illness, reduce the negative effects of stress and fatigue, and also improve the quality of his life, including sexual. For more information, see solid landings behavioral health guide

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