Latest Summer and Spring Trends in Australian Fashion

Latest Summer and Spring Trends in Australian Fashion

With the passing of the months and the entrance of new seasons comes a change in the weather. To many, this also translates to a change in wardrobe since wearing clothes suitable for the weather is important to stay safe and comfortable. Among all the season changes to anticipate, the transition from winter to spring is undeniably one of the most exciting. The entrance of spring signals warmer days, allowing you to say goodbye to the many layers that you had to wear during the cold winter.

With spring underway and summer to follow it months after, now is the perfect time to shop for some new clothes to add to your wardrobe. Treat yourself to a cashmere dress from alessandra clothing online or hop onto your favourite stores to check out their new collection. With the warmer weather to look forward to, you can also count on the fashion industry to drop new trends.

Curious about the latest spring and summer trends in Australian fashion? Check out this list of the top trends spotted on the runway and expected to dominate the industry this summer.

Polka Dots

Buying clothes with prints can often be a gamble. It may be trendy one season, and before you know it, the trend has died down. However, when it comes to polka dots, you can count on this print as it is expected to stay in trend for a while. As the warm season comes, expect more of this fun and playful print incorporated into different types of clothing, particularly on shirt dresses!


Due to quarantine protocols and lockdowns imposed, people from all over the world have become more resourceful, turning to DIY projects to repurpose their old clothing. The biggest fashion trend and the only good thing that came out of the quarantine was the tie-dye print, which is now a top spring and summer trend in fashion. If you are not a crafty person, you need not worry! You can expect an influx of tie-dye pieces from pretty much every fashion retailer today, now that the trend has become a huge hit.


Fabric is a crucial element of any fashion piece, and this year, new textures are gaining more and more popularity. The rationale behind the trend is putting emphasis on how one’s clothes feel as you naturally want to get maximum comfort from whatever you are wearing. Now is the perfect time to explore new textures, such as cashmere dresses from alessandra clothing online. As you try out new fabrics, you may be surprised at how your style may evolve and change.

Puff Sleeves

Puff sleeves have been in since last year, so if you picked up a few pieces back then, you are in luck as the trend streak continues this year. This style combines modern fashion and adds a touch of femininity, with varying puffiness to suit the occasion and your personal taste. Since puff sleeves can already make quite a statement, they are best paired with minimalist jewelry, keeping the attention mostly on the sleeves.

Ready to add new pieces to your closet? If so, do not forget to check out any, or all, of the four spring and summer trends listed above! Welcome the warm season with style, and move out of your comfort zone by trying out new and unfamiliar styles. Now is the time to expand your range of tastes to achieve different looks and outfits.



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