Keep Patience To Get The Results of IVF Treatment.


Even if two different people suffer from fever, it takes different time for them to recover. It entirely depends on their doctor, treatment centre, and most importantly, their immune system.

So, how can you expect everyone to get the results of IVF treatment at the same time for all patients? 

The time to avail the results of IVF and the number of cycles usually depends on:

  • The cause of sterility
  • Sterile conditions in the couple
  • The age of the patient
  • Overall medical health

It takes around one to two years to get the results of IVF. So, you do not have to lose hope. 

For How Many Cycles You Must Try IVF?

Some of the standard results out of the study performed on many couples; the typical outcomes stand out to be the following.

Over 30% of the overall attempts despite availing the Best IVF Treatment, the results are negative. It is because women give up too quickly. After the failure of two to three attempts, the women do not continue further.

In over 69% of the patients, the results of the IVF Treatment often generate after seven to nine cycles. So, if you want to conceive, do not give up for at least nine IVF cycles.

As per the research performed on 2.5 million patients, over 65.3% of the patients receive the output in more than seven cycles.

When the patient tries to conceive naturally, then it takes around one year to get the results. Similarly, when you are planning your IVF treatment, you will have to give a minimum of 2 to 2.5 years. This time is required to complete 8 to 9 cycles of the procedure, and get a positive outcome.

It is a time taking procedure, but the results are possible in over 90% of the cases. It might be stressful, and heartbreaking when you see the failure of your expectations again and again. However, the surgeons at the Top IVF Treatment Hospitalswill give you the perfect counselling before you plan your treatment.

They let you know about the reality of the procedure, and the approximate time required for the results, so you arenot only physically prepared but also ready mentally as well as financially.

To avoid disappointment and continue the treatment without giving up, you shall plan your treatment in India. It is a considerable savage to your pocket. The cost of a single IVF cycle is USD 4,500. It is 6 to 8 times less than the cost of IVF treatment in other countries.

Final Words:

If you have to complete the treatment without creating much loss to your pocket, then you must plan your visit to India. It will help you to get multiple IVF cycles at the cost of one period of the treatment. So, do not delay anymore, and consult the top doctors in India. The delay will reduce the chances for availing the success and enhance the price for treatment too. It is because the success of the IVF procedure and its cost varies considerably depending on the age.

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