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10 Effective Ways To Get Rid Off Bad Breath Permanently

Bad breath

You are beautiful, young and talented, getting ready for party. How does it feel when you one of your friends complain you about your bad breathe. So embarrassing right! Bad breath is one of the common and serious problems which all of us are facing today. Shelves in the stores are loaded with mouth fresheners, chewing gums, etc., which shows how badly most of them are suffering from bad breathe.

Reasons for Bad Breath:

There are many reasons, for bad breathe

  • Bad breath also called as halitosis, is mainly caused due to bad oral hygiene and poor dental habits
  • Improper brushing and flossing  will have bad breath to a large extent
  • Eating strong odour foods like garlic and onion, will leave bad breathe in the mouth. Strong odour will not away, until the food is digested and removed from the body wholly.
  • Chewing tobacco, smoking increases bad breathe.
  • Lack of saliva and dry mouth, will cause bad breathe. The dead cells in the mouth are not washed due to lack of saliva and water and thus cause bad breath.
  • Longer bowel obstructions:
  • Longer period of vomiting and indigestion in the stomach, will lead to bad breath.

Remedies for Bad Breath:

Maintain healthy oral care :

Brush twice a day, for at least 10 mins. Floss your teeth, after every meal and drink, so that the gum does not build up in the mouth and causes bad breath. Use tongue cleaner to clean your tongue. Change tooth brush 2-3 months

See your dentist:

Visit dentist once in every 3 months. Have a total dental check up. If the bad breath problem increases, then prolonged medication has to be taken.

Warm salt water gargle:

Warm salt water gargle


Warm salt water will help from bad breathe. Take lukewarm water in a glass. Add ½ tsp of salt in the glass. Let it get dissolved completely. Now pour the solution the mouth and gargle. The food we eat, oils and fats get stuck at backside of the tongue. Gargling with salt water, removes the unwanted gums and gets relieved from bad breath instantly

Green tea:

Green Tea

Green tea contains anti bacterial properties and antioxidants called polyphenols, which protects mouth from bad breath.

  • Take 2-3 cups of green tea per day. After the problem is resolved, take it twice a day.

Cinnamon stick:

Cinnamon stick

Cinnamon contains anti-bacterial properties, which kills bacteria in the mouth and removes bad breath in the mouth. This is the oldest remedy for treating bad breath.

  • Cinnamon stick has to be chewed. Cinnamon gums and mouth fresheners are available in the stores for bad breath.  

Fresh herbs:

Fresh herbs

Herbs like mint, basil and parsley, contain chlorophyll, which controls bad breath and gives fresh flavour in the mouth. Mint contains digestive properties, which aids and helps in digestion and removes foul odour in the mouth. The mint smell gives refreshing feeling and odour. Parsley has the power to fight with sulphur compounds , which removes toxins and bad breath from the mouth

  • Eat mint or parsley leaves after every meal
  • Have mint candies occasionally
  • Drink a glass of water with basil leaves in the morning

Lemon water:

Lemon juice

Lemon has the power of alkalinity. It helps in removing the leftover food from the mouth and aids in fresh breathing. Lemon water helps in better digestion, removes leftover food completely from stomach and helps in fresh breath.

  • Drink glass of lemon water daily
  • Squish with lemon juice daily after meal.
  • Chew a lemon candy to get instant relief

Fennel seeds:

Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds increases digestion and saliva. They are the natural fresheners, which are taken after every meal. These are used in every fresheners with essential oils. It helps in complete digestion process and gives a refreshed odour. Fennel seeds increases saliva, which removes dead skin cells from the mouth and helps from bad breath.

  • Eat fennel seeds after every meal
  • Or drink fennel seeds tea with honey  


Citrus fruits like orange and lemon, helps in avoiding bad breath. Orange contains vitamin C, which produces saliva and proper digestion. Excess of saliva removes dead skin cells in the mouth, avoids dry mouth and thus prevents bad breathe.

  • Eat oranges or add them in salads or drink juices

Baking soda:

Baking soda

Banking soda removes bacteria and prevents acidity in the mouth. Take 1 glass of warm water. Add 1 tsp of baking soda. Swish and gargle the water perfectly for 30 sec. Do this at least thrice a week.

Bottom line: See your doctor, if the condition worsens. seek for medical attention, whenever needed.

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