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Get most advanced piles laser treatment in Chennai

Painless Laser Treatment of Piles in Chennai

Do you feel discomfort, pain and itch while passing your stools? Are piles making it difficult for you to cope up with your daily work? Well! Piles are the most common condition that affects around 40-50% of individuals all over the world. A Hemorrhoid or piles are remarkable swellings that develop when the venous drainage of the anus is altered. A pile is an outgrowth of anal mucous from the rectal wall. The swelling occurs due to the collection of tissues and veins in the blood vessels. The size of the piles can vary and may arise due to the increased pressure applied to the anus.


Piles are of two types

Internal – Internal hemorrhoids occur 2-4 cm above the opening of the anus within the anal sphincter. They are often painless as there are few pain-sensing nerves in the rectum.

External – External hemorrhoids occur on the outside edge of the anus and are painful.


General symptoms of Piles

  • Passing of blood while defecating
  • Discomfort or Itching near the affected area
  • Discharge of Mucus followed by sharp pain while defecating


What are the Causes?

Piles commonly result due to the weakening of tissues in the anal region which supports the blood vessels. There are various causes that may result in piles. Some of which include:

  • Prolonged sitting periods
  • Poor hygiene
  • Obesity
  • Constipation for a prolonged period
  • Pregnancy
  • Hereditary


Laser treatment for Piles in Chennai

Suffering from piles is a very common problem and research studies have shown that around 40-50% of people suffer or have suffered from piles in the past. One more interesting fact about piles is that around 40% of individuals with piles are asymptomatic and remain unaware of the condition. Also, many people feel shy to talk about it and continue to suffer. However, due to the advent of technologies people can now undergo safe, effective, and pain-free procedures to get rid of their frustrating piles.

Do you know Chennai is the third largest size of the expatriate population in India, after Mumbai and Delhi? People here are either local Tamilians or sizable migrant population coming from surrounding places for jobs. It is also considered as a corporate hub with numerous MNC organizations located in Chennai. Due to the hectic corporate life culture among Chennaiites, the people over there are more prone to stress, which force them to adapt to certain unhealthy lifestyle habits like smoking, eating junk foods and consuming alcohol.

Factors like unhealthy food habits and lifestyle changes can lead to hernia and other co-morbidity in people living in Chennai. But thanks to the numerous clinics and hospitals available in Chennai which offer the most advanced treatment for piles. The hospitals and clinics in Chennai have a well-experienced team of doctors who offer treatment based on patients needs while ensuring the best treatment for them. The clinics are well-equipped with advanced technologies and are USFDA approved.

If you are based out of Chennai and looking for a piles treatment near your area, then you are on the right page. Pristyn care is a Proctology Clinic which emphasizes on treating their patients with LASER energy for all anorectic conditions like piles, fistula, fissures and etc. Pristyn care clinic offers you a wide list of top laser specialists for piles treatment in Chennai where you can tap into their expertise and trust. So, get the most advanced piles laser treatment in Chennai with the help of Pristyn care.


Procedure for the Laser Treatment for Piles?

Laser Surgery is one of the most advanced and effective treatment options that can help treat individuals suffering from piles. Pristyn Care helps patients avail its services all over Chennai and help them get benefited from Laser surgery. Laser treatment for piles is a less invasive technique where the tissues are not invaded, and no cut is made.

The procedure is carried out under anesthesia where laser energy in the form of radial fiber is transmitted on the submucosal hemorrhoid nodes. The procedure involves passing the radiation in a precise and focused manner on the affected area. The energy transmitted shrinks the abnormal tissue by ceasing the blood supply towards it and causing tissue death. The charring of the abnormal tissue may limit or zero the chances for any recurrence or prolapse of the disease.


Advantages of Laser Surgery

Laser surgery has a lot of advantages over traditional methods of treating piles.

  • No postoperative pain.
  • Speedy recovery and one can resume their work within a week.
  • Laser surgery preserves the action of the anal sphincter, so there are no chances of incontinence or fecal leak.
  • Less-invasive technique.
  • Daycare procedure, the patient need not need to stay at the hospital and can immediately leave after the surgery. Thus, saving costs for the stay in the hospital.
  • No dietary restrictions or lifestyle changes.
  • Chances of recurrence are negligible.
  • Patients are highly satisfied with the treatment.

Why chose pristyn care for advanced laser treatment?

At Pristyn care, a patient is carefully monitored and guided throughout the treatment. A patient buddy will be allocated to help the patient throughout the procedure from helping choose the medical facility to booking appointments and effectively managing the whole treatment process.


Numerous best doctors can provide you with most advanced piles laser treatment in Chennai.  Pristyn care provides you with a list of expert laser surgeons who ensure the standard and effective treatment to each and every individual by providing the best piles treatment in Chennai.

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