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In this age of vanity, people don’t even bother with necessary health precautions, let alone sticking to a healthy lifestyle. Our world is so fast-paced that we prefer eating on a subway train alone rather than sitting down in a cozy environment with our family and friends for a delicious and fulfilling meal.

People look for shortcuts like caffeinated drinks or vitamin boosters to stay on their feet during working hours despite being burnt out. Nothing in the lifestyle of an average and modern individual promotes health and fitness; therefore, they need to rectify their living style at once.

You’ll come across plenty of dos & don’ts online to maintain a healthy and fit body, but not all of them deserve to follow religiously. We’ve put together a list of some of the simple rules that are essential for keeping you healthy & happy:


One out of five deaths everyday is due to smoking, which adds up to 1300 deaths daily. As per the reports released by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, smoking takes away ten years from your average lifespan.

It is not only harmful to your health, but people around you are exposed to its adverse effects as well. Around 41,000 people die annually from just being around habitual or chain smokers.

Alcohol in moderate quantities doesn’t do much damage to your body, especially when you have a healthy immune system, but when consumed in excess, it can disturb your bodily functions drastically. If you are on medication, make sure to police its dosages, or your body will either get addicted or immune to it.

Not many health insurances cover expenses of rehabilitation or therapy, but people at UShealth Group might find a way to help with your mental restoration as well.


You might prefer frozen or highly processed meals as they are convenient and easy to prepare, unlike organic food made from scratch. Convenience doesn’t always mean excellent and boxed food is known to ridicule your health in more ways than you can imagine.

It might be challenging to read recipes every day and prepare something befitting for your body, but a simple trick of including more greens in your diet instead of meat can do wonders for your body. Furthermore, you should avoid junk food that provides for carbonated beverages, fatty food, and carbs in extreme quantity.


Not many people are fond of exercising every day despite knowing how crucial it is for their health. Fitness gurus and doctors suggest at least a 15 to 30-minutes long workout session every day. If you are too lazy to stick to an intense workout routine, then a power walk every morning is essential to stay in good shape.

Remember to never push yourself into doing exercises and diets that you hate and will never do if not for the sake of your health.


We spend hours at work or in doing several otherworldly things to stay in the social loop but neglect the most crucial part of our daily routine, i.e.,sleep. A human being, on average, needs at least eight hours of sleep every day to perform optimally.

Lack of sleep affects our health, and it also impacts our everyday routine as well. For instance, it makes us underperform at work and affects our grades negatively because of the lack of creativity.


Around 60% of the human body is water, which means our physiology revolves around the amount of water our body has retained each day. In developed countries, water is the most accessed liquid that can raise the quality of our health conveniently. Nausea, dizziness, chapped lips and cracked skin are some of the many health drawbacks you’ll face while suffering from dehydration.


A survey reveals that more people skip meals habitually than those who eat on time for the sake of their health. Breakfast is the essential meal of your day, but people skip it the most because of inefficient time management. They stay awake late hours to work or to binge-watch their favorite show, which makes them wake up late in the morning and eventually skip the most important meal of the day.

A simple rule to maintain good health is to eat all the meals of the day, especially breakfast,to maintain maximum productivity.


A healthy life is impossible if you are always under stress due to your work or studies. Mental stress can impact your productivity negatively because of emotional instability.  Go on vacations, avoid procrastination, and follow work or study timeline to live a stress-free and healthy life.


People think meditation only meant for yogis, or you must have special powers to gather your thoughts, but that’s not it. Meditation can help you in many ways, like stay focused and grounded in your reality and improve your mental health drastically.

If you want to stay attentive and appear out together, then learn to meditate correctly and do it daily.


Vitamin D comes from sun rays and is crucial for the production of calcium in humans. It is responsible for making your bones strong and your muscles elastic to perform critical daily tasks without any strain.

Most people try to get a suntan artificially instead of going for the natural tan on the beach since they fear sunburns and skin rashes. But radiation in an artificial tan machine interferes with your body’s physiology and makes your body deficit in Vitamin D as well.


That might sound off, but maintaining your social life can give you a much-needed energy booster. A stable and happening social life can improve your physical and mental health by keeping you in good spirits. Moreover, there is something that can improve your mood instantly when you meet your friends and family for a meal.

A stable and happening social circle can help you thrive in your field by keeping your emotions and self-esteem in check.


We’ve all heard of the proverb that “health is wealth,” but only a few people understand the gravity of these three words. A healthy body is the precursor of all things right in your life; therefore, you must treasure it. By following the rules mentioned above, you can make sure you are treating your body right and doing yourself and your loved ones a favor. Always remember there is nothing better than good health.

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