6 Occasional Menu Differences

There are differences in the menu according to the event and occasion. Wedding Catering in Howrah has differences in their menus, with the changing price range. The Caterers in Durgapur have differences with the changing function.

1.   Rice ceremony Menu


The first feeding of a child is definitely with her mother’s milk. But in the Bengali tradition, after six months of a child’s birth, he or she is given solid food for the first time ever. This undoubtedly is considered to be the child’s first solid meal apart from breastfeeding.

Caterers in Durgapur have this ceremony with the pomp of the traditional lunch menu, consisting of steamed rice, Moong Dal, Jhuri Jhuri aloo bhaja, fish Curry, Sukto, Mutton Kassa, Pulao, chutney, and papad to be precise. One out ten is a must and common between wedding Catering in Howrah and Durgapur, which is Kheer or called “Payesh” in Bengali. That is sweet rice pudding, which is appropriate for it.


2.   Aiburobhat Menu


Aiburobhat is an event organized one day prior to the wedding day. The Caterers in Durgapur have similarities between the Bengali lunch menu, whereas the wedding Catering in Howrah, has some plus points. For example, a big fish head, and five types of fried items.

3.   Birthday party menu


This is usually an evening function that has alterations with the lunch menu with a special Cake for the party. Considering the menu is mainly non-vegetarian in nature, with veg alternatives. The wedding catering in Howrah has some specialties like Biryani, ka Sabji, and a huge platter of sweet dishes.

Caterers in Durgapur, have Special dishes made out of Prawns, Mutton, Chicken, and obviously Paneer too.

4.   Bengali Wedding menu


Wedding Catering in Howrah, have a huge plate of dishes of various price points. Any Bengali wedding would prefer having several types of dishes which may include three-four line counters.

5.   Vegetarian Wedding menu


The wedding catering in Howrah keeps the menu extremely special to the ones having it on the occasion. For example, if it’s a vegetarian menu then it shall consider mainly paneer. plenty of vegetables and a few salads as well which is suitable for the occasion of a wedding.

On the other hand, the caterers in Durgapur keep the dish extremely precise and customize to the preference of the customer itself. The mundane way of having a normal dish meant for the vegetarian course is extremely based upon the choices and preferences of the audience itself.

6.   Bengali Lunch menu


A traditional Bengali lunch consists of several things that include steamed rice, or Kachoris in some areas. The Caterers in Durgapur prefer bread in the first plate whereas the wedding Catering in Howrah places steamed rice alongside, moong dal, sukto, fried potato, eggplant, and aloo posto.

The rest of the lunch has one type of combined rice, either Basanti pulao or jeera rice. Depending upon the requirement of the customer. Caterers in Durgapur assemble it with Mutton or chicken Kassa. Whereas, the wedding Catering in Howrah tries to keep multiple fish dishes for lunch.

Caterers in Durgapur, have variations in lunch and dinner according to the requirement of time and choice of the clients. Wedding Catering in Howrah has typical similarities with Catering in Kolkata.


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