25 Mesmerizing & Mind Blowing Tattoos for Every One! – latest in 2019

Mind Blowing Tattoos

Tattoos are the ways of expressing oneness. some use it as a freedom of expression and some use it as way of expressing  love. Tattoos are trending one with all over the body or on your favorite parts of the body.

1.Amazing Lion Tattoo On Thigh:

Lion is the king of jungle, which is known for courage, pride and honor. Wearing tattoo on thigh itself reveals the courage and dare of men.

Amazing Lion Tattoo On Thigh

2.Crazy Popeye Tattoo On Forearm:

Popeye is the cartoon sailor with herculean body, sailing and eating lots of spinach. This is the tattoo which is preferred by most of the school going guys and boys.


Crazy Popeye Tattoo On Forearm

3.Cute Little Pikachu Tattoo:

In the recent times pikachu tattoo has become a gift to your loved on their birthdays. This pikachu tattoo is utterly cute and looks super cute on cute women and men

Cute Little Pikachu Tattoo

4.spiritual Tribal Bow & Arrow Tattoo:

This is the simple yet most powerful tattoo which is recent times. The time consuming tattoo is less expensive wild and elegant to look at

spriritual Tribal Bow & Arrow Tattoo

5.The Mighty Hercules Tattoo:

This is the strong greek soldier named hercules with six packs is often seen on arms, shoulders and at the back. This tattoo shows and highlights the supremacy.

The Mighty Hercules Tattoo

6.Trippy Magic Mushroom Tattoo:

This is the tricky magic mushroom which we often see in a book called alice in the wonderland. The other thought which we get after seeing is the tasty food.

Trippy Magic Mushroom Tattoo

7.The Serene Beauty Of Mountain Tattoo:

mountain replicates, that in real life we have to overcome the hurdles in life. This mountain realizes us about the goals to achieve. This looks awesome specially designed on arms and back

The Serene Beauty Of Mountain Tattoo

8.Sexy Angel Wings Tattoos On Back:

Angel is the mediocre between god and human. Wearing the angle tattoo on the back itself showcases the angel which is kept deep inside.


Sexy Angel Wings Tattoos On Back

9.Holy Cross Tattoo With Angel Wings:

Holy cross is the universal symbol of health faith, which is eternal and shows your love and faith towards god, culture and religion.  To the cross are enabled beautiful wings of angel

Holy Cross Tattoo With Angel Wings

10.Fantastic Psychedelic Astronaut Tattoo On Arm:

The cute tattoo on arm is just super to see. This is mostly seen with men who are fantasised with science and space. This tattoo takes lot of space and time and more money

Fantastic Psychedelic Astronaut Tattoo On Arm

11.Cosmic Incredible Hulk Tattoo:

The green hulk tattoo showcases the strong and courage of men. when it is drawn on the arm it shows the strength and power of men.

Cosmic Incredible Hulk Tattoo

12.Cute Courage The Cowardly Dog Tattoo:

The cowardly dog shows the courage which it fights in horror times. This the cartoon dog, which shows the courage at times of problem. This is quite adored by youth.

Cute Courage The Cowardly Dog Tattoo

13.Cute Creepy Dolls Tattoo:

These are the tacky and most horrified tattoos as these are haunted. The girl with one eye broken with pink hair with wings looks horrifying, is the same as boy with skull head and deadly face

Cute Creepy Dolls Tattoo

14.Amazing Happy Face Joker Tattoo:

This joker face was first seen in a jail, messaged by joker that his face got damaged by batman. since then this face tattoo is a super hit and loved by one and all

Amazing Happy Face Joker Tattoo

15.Anti War Peace Symbol Tattoo:

A personalized tattoo which was done mostly during war times, to maintain peace during war times. This was designed by civilizians to bring down the peace between two states or countries.

Anti War Peace Symbol Tattoo

16.Awesome Headphones Tattoo With a Heart:

music is the one which directly reaches your heart, calms and relaxes you. This combination of touching headphone with heart is a deadly one

Awesome Headphones Tattoo With a Heart

17.Beautiful Butterfly Wings On Shoulders:

Butterfly tattoos are the most popular and beautiful tattoos on the back which reveals the beauty of feminity. This is exceptionally seen in women and young girls

Beautiful Butterfly Wings On Shoulders

18.Solar Eclipse Tattoo:

Solar eclipse reveals the power of universe. the sun in it with brightening power, reflects the supreme power and if drawn on the arms and shoulders reveals the solar power, within yourself.

Solar Eclipse Tattoo

19.Cute Fairy Angel Tattoo:

Fairy angel tattoo, reveals one’s own personality. The cute fairy angel tattoo is super cute specifically for cute woman on one’s arm or back.

Cute Fairy Angel Tattoo

20.Cute Lace Bow Tattoo On Back:

Back tattoos are wild while lace bow tattoo is just the exception. This adds elegant and beauty to tattoo itself and generally suits to classy men and women

Cute Lace Bow Tattoo On Back

21.Geometric Abstract On Arm:

A series of cubes in hexagonal shapes in the row, with different shapes predefined in it. This is the odd type of tattoo, but used many of them in recent times.

Geometric Abstract On Arm

22.Marvelous Third Eye Tattoo With Triangle:

This tattoo is much of the spiritual power. This tattoo reveals, that the person is a shadowy figure and knows the secrets of the opposite person. The person wearing tattoo is extremely cautious and shadowy in nature.


Marvelous Third Eye Tattoo With Triangle

23.Mind Blowing Superman Tattoo on Chest:

superman tattoo is the replica of one’s courage and sacrifice. This tattoo is rarely seen and time consuming and expensive.

Mind Blowing Superman Tattoo on Chest

24.Perfectly Lotus Flower Rib Tattoo:

This is one of the best rib tattoos for women, with palm and tattoos in to it. This is the one of the boldest tattoos which are coming out in recent times.

Perfectly Lotus Flower Rib Tattoo

25.Psychedelic Universe Tattoo:

Psychedelic Universe Tattoo is the inspiration from psychedelic music. This was mainly seen in euphoria gangs, and thus it started the culture of this tattoo.


Psychedelic Universe Tattoo




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