8 Myths About Cosmetic Tattoo That Are Just Misconceptions

Cosmetic Tattoo

You have every right to carry yourself the way you want to! You will find a plethora of websites promoting the fact that how a cosmetic tattoo can be harmful. Well, it’s not! They are all myths. You can come across many who have gone through cosmetic tattooing and achieved long-term benefits from it. Cosmetic tattooing or permanent makeup provides relief to many who face issues related to their skin, eyebrows, lips and other body parts.

Let’s weed out a few myths associated with a cosmetic tattoo for you in the further part of this article.

Myth 1

Once you get a cosmetic tattoo you must carry it for life!


Chances are that the people who say this haven’t heard the famous phrase: Nothing is permanent! The process used ensures that the tattoo goes off in a few years. You can always ask the clinic about the period for which the tattoo will remain.

Myth 2

Shave your eyebrows, or the cosmetic tattoo might go wrong.


The truth is that the natural eyebrows are used as templates for the new tattooing. This helps the experts evaluate and carry on the process with ease and make it easy for you too. So, no you don’t have to shave off the eyebrows before going for a cosmetic tattoo.

Cosmetic Tattoo (4)

Myth 3

It’s just for women.


No, it’s not! Cosmetic tattooing is for anyone who wants it. In the last few years, men have become more conscious of the state of their eyebrows and other body parts. Technology hasn’t been biased and made it possible for men too to avail the benefits of cosmetic tattoos.

Myth 4

Cosmetic tattoo is just another form of cosmetic surgery.


This is the most common misconception that you find about cosmetic tattoo. While cosmetic surgery aims in making permanent alterations to your body, a cosmetic tattoo is temporary and vanishes in a few years. You never have to regret any form of cosmetic tattoo as it’s just for a specific period.

Myth 5

It looks artificial!


The truth is it looks completely natural, and people may even find it hard to recognize the originality of your cosmetic tattoo. The process aims at defining the part of the body that’s being tattooed and gives a new look to it. Slowly and gradually, the pigments blend with the neighboring areas and enhance your beauty.

Cosmetic Tattoo (2)

Myth 6

This is for the ones who are still young.


Most clients visiting a cosmetic tattoo clinic, in and around Sydney, are older women. Hence, it’s a rubbish claim. The methods used in cosmetic tattooing involve evaluating the skin type before the process and pursuing the task as per the evaluation.

Myth 7

It pains.


This depends on your pain threshold. Proper precautions are taken before the procedure to avoid pain. The tools used in the process are safe and are the biggest factors that make this method painless. Besides this, the clinic also applies the relevant gels to soothe the area before the procedure begins.

Myth 8

Anyone can get a cosmetic tattoo!


Cosmetic tattoo is for everyone, but there are a few exceptions. These are solely on the grounds of you being fit for a cosmetic tattoo.

cosmotic tattoo

Skip the session for getting a cosmetic tattoo if you


  • pregnant
  • diabetic
  • have heart problems
  • suffering from viral infection
  • suffering from a cold
  • suffered epilepsy in the last few months


The above self-assumed myths are not true, and this also reflects from the fact that in the last few months, more people have searched the term “cosmetic tattoo” or “microblading” than “cosmetic surgery”. Ultimately the choice to look beautiful or classy should be yours. Cosmetic tattoo is the best option to consider and get rid of applying makeup every day!

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