10 Daily Habits You Should Avoid Fighting Against Acne

For most of us, acne generally appears on a time we least want to. Though acne is a much common problem, it could be frustrating, embarrassing and painful. In some individuals, acne is almost persistent for years while for some it may come and go. But before understanding how to fight against acne, it is important to know what the major causes of breakout are and how to avoid certain mistakes to keep them at a bay. 

Acne is caused due to overactive sebaceous glands which produce more oils than required. These oils accumulate in the pores and along with dead skin cells provide a good platform for bacteria to grow. Here are 10 daily habits you should avoid to fight against acne in an easy way.

#1 Avoid makeup that causes skin irritation

If you are prone to acne, it is necessary for you to pick out products which do not cause irritation to your skin. Natural products are much safer than those which contain harsh chemicals that may aggravate your acne. Products with artificial colors or fragrances tend to cause breakouts. Mineral oil is another ingredient which adds up in clogging your pores. If you have oily skin, you should completely avoid petroleum jelly or lanolin as these may add more oil to your skin. And you must read beauty product reviews before buying any makeup products.

#2 Over-cleansing may cause acne too

Though it is important to properly clean your skin to avoid regular breakouts, it is essential to know that over cleansing or over scrubbing may irritate the skin. This may cause over drying and the sebaceous glands tend to produce more oils in return. This worsens the condition and you may experience more pimples. Over scrubbing also irritates the skin as it may cause rashes and provide a good place for bacteria to thrive.

#3 Check your makeup tools

Applying your makeup with infected applicators or sponges may aggravate your acne. Make sure they are properly cleaned after every use or once a week with brush cleansers.

#4 Do not use dirty pillow covers or towels

Your pillow covers and towels tends to gather bacteria from your face and spread it back to your skin each time you come in contact with them. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep them properly cleaned. This may reduce the outbreak of acne to a great extent.

#5 Diet plays an important role

Well that is true; eating a healthy diet can actually keep acne from coming. Avoid eating too spicy and oily foods or junk food. Include green vegetable and fruits in your diet. Drink lots of water as it helps you in flushing out toxins from your body which may be another acne causing reason.

#6 Hair products may cause acne

Watch out the hair products that may cause acne. They may contain oils, conditioning agents and silicones which may spread to your face via pillows, towels and even when your hair touches your facial skin. This may clog the pores. You may either tie your hair when using such products or keep them away from your face.

#7 Stop smoking

Studies show that as compared to non-smokers, people who smoke regularly are more prone to acne breakouts. Though some researchers do not find it true, but you have yet another reason to quit. Smoking can cause dryness of cells resulting in inflammation and acne.

#8 Avoid wearing fabrics that causes irritation 

Certain fabrics tend to irritate the skin and cause acne. Avoid wearing clothes made of polyester as it may trap sweat and dead cells and cause acne. Instead opt for breathable light fabrics that allow air to pass through.

#9 Don’t leave makeup overnight

Being lazy after the late-night party? But don’t neglect your skin. Completely avoid wearing your make-up overnight. It may clog your pores and lead to severe acne. It is thus important to always clean your skin and remove makeup before going to sleep so that the skin can breathe. And yes, don’t forget to moisturize your skin after cleansing to avoid dryness.

#10 Avoid excessive exposure to sun

Sun exposure may cause dryness in your skin and signal it to produce more oils. The ultra violet Or UV rays of sun may further cause inflammation. Moreover, tanning may produce more dead cells which may clog your pores and induce a breakout. It is thus advisable to wear protective clothes before exposing to sun and apply sunscreen well suited to your skin.

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