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Best Tips for Indian Bridal Makeup

Tips for Indian Bridal Makeup

The wedding is one of the most important events in a woman’s life and as the saying goes, a ‘big-fat-Indian wedding is’ an event involving the entire clan. The bride has numerous thoughts going in mind, one crucial being her looks. A bride is utterly concerned about her looks, especially on her d-day. She ought to look far beyond just a princess, which is hugely constituted by the bridal makeup.

Bridal makeup is not at all an easy deal, getting it perfect hugely depends on two things, the first and foremost being the happiness of the bride which results in the natural glow of the bride, and the professional should understand what best suits the bride.

Indian makeup has always been hectic and time-consuming, as a result, many brides now are opting for a more subtle makeup. To get the flawless look, the bride needs to follow a careful regime before the makeup until 2 weeks prior to the wedding.

If the bride has zits or shimmer or too many red patches on her face, the lights of the camera, attempt to capture every detail and you reach to the conclusion that you won’t do anything of that sort on your wedding. In order to avoid this mistake, you need to prepare days before.

Hollywood makeup is a technique of transforming the look of an actress in to an attractive one. Hollywood makeup is a well-known term that gives attention to the skin. It involves using make up and some other basic accessories like hair style, shoes, jewelry and nails. One cannot imagine life without a Hollywood makeup. You should know how to choose a makeup for yourself and make sure that you follow some simple rules.

Here are some of the tips for you to undergo 8 weeks prior to the wedding

⦁ Before the d-day approaches, all you need to do is take care of your hair and skin, so that you get rid of all the chemicals and make you look good.

⦁ Prepare a CTM- cleanser, toner, moisturizer, sun proof regime with natural products like honey, lemon, sugar, curd, tomato, for everyday use. Make a homemade exfoliate with coffee ground or besan to use twice a week. This works not just for your face but for your entire body.

⦁ Keep trying different hairstyles before you decide one and stay decided on that without any changes.

⦁ Try your makeup under a bright light which would be on the wedding and reception day as well, just to check which look suits you the best.

⦁ Get yourself waxed a week before the wedding and tweeze all facial hairs at least 3 days before.

Bridal Makeup

Tips for the wedding day-

⦁ Once you are done with cleansing your face, use some ice cubes to close the pores so that you don’t perspire much.

⦁ Make it clear to your makeup artist that you don’t want any experiments with your face on your wedding day.

⦁ Use a bronze powder to warm your skin.

⦁ Opt for a   foundation primer so that it doesn’t run out.

⦁ Don’t forget contouring to get a well-defined face with sharp features.

⦁ Create a cleanser, toner, moisturiser, sun proof regime with natural products like honey, lemon, sugar, curd, tomato, for everyday use. Make a homemade exfoliator with coffee ground or besan to use twice a week. This is not just for your face but for your whole body.

⦁ Make sure not to use talcum powders anywhere in the entire makeup regime.

⦁ Make sure everything is waterproof, go for a gel eyeliner that lasts longer and gives a better definition to your eyes.

⦁ Though the foundation can be gold toned, the blush and lip colour must be in the shades of pink or red.

⦁ Use a cream blush if you have dry skin and powder blush for oily or normal skin. Don’t overdo the blush.

⦁ Keep the lip colour within your natural lip line. Use warm shades of red. Fill in with the lip liner before using the lipstick. Don’t just use it to the line. Your lip liner needs to be of the closest shade to the lipstick.

⦁ Always be ready for touch ups. Let your makeup artist be there for you with the lip liner, lipstick, top coat of the foundation, blush, mascara, cleanser, and eyeliner all at the ready. Take a short break to fix your makeup whenever needed.

These were some of the tips that will be very helpful for your wedding makeup.


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