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How To Wash Face? DO’s AND DON’Ts For Wash your Face In Right way

Washing Face

Face the most beautiful thing in men and women, is loved by one and all. We all love our faces, despite of skin tone, texture, acne and wrinkles. It is in our hands, to maintain it, to make it healthy and glowing. Washing face, is the first process in maintaining the healthy skin. Is it washing with water or with face wash, if handled smoothly then one looks young and beautiful.

Do you know, for how many seconds, you should wash your face. What, is there any time limit, to wash face?

Yes, washing face is the daily routine process, which we need to follow, so as to maintain skin health. To get glowing skin, one must wash the face, with face wash from 20 to 30 seconds. Face wash needs time of about 20-30 seconds, so that the cleanser starts working into the skin, breaks up the oil and sebum. If the washing your face is in the wrong way, then your face will lead to dry, irritated, rough and wrinkled.

What happens if your wash your face promptly?

DO :

The first step in the process of washing and face is cleaning your hands. Yes, when your hands are clean, obviously, face will be clean.


If you wash your face, for exactly about 20 to 30 seconds, twice a day then the inner dirt is removed, surface oils are restored, and sebum is broken out.


Choose the mildest face wash, according to the skin type.


Never rub your face with face wash. Massage it gently, as smooth as possible. Rubbing your face, makes face harsh and rough.


Just use the tip of your fingers, to gently massage on the face in the circular motion, rather than using the whole hand. By doing so, the blood and oxygen gets stimulated and thus gets refreshing face.


Wash your face with mild lukewarm water. Never go for cold water, as it will dry out the skin. The natural oils are just abstracted from the skin


The best way to keep your skin young and neat, is to apply moisturisers right after wash your face, it keeps your skin hydrated, by locking the moisture.  Apply sunscreens during summers.


Never go for any type of soaps for your face. Soaps are only meant for cleaning your body, but not for face.


Right after you wash face, clean your face, with fresh and neat cloth. Wait for 2 seconds, let the skin inhales the moisture, after pat dry, press the cloth on the face smoothly and gently.


Wash the cloth every single day, so that there would be no space for germs sitting on it.


Wash your face before going to bed and after you wake up. At night, all the germs, which were build throughout gets kicked off and in the morning, the bacteria, which is formed during the night has to be washed off. Even though you look fresh, make it a habit to wash face in the morning and evening.

Follow the 60 seconds rule:

Cleanse your face for 20 secs, exfoliate it for 20 secs and massage it for another 20 secs. The whole of 60 seconds rule is trending and many of them has seen results affective and positive.

Bottom line:

Removing make up is the toughest part. First remove the make up with remover or mild cleanser, and then go for face wash. Because, the chemicals present in makeup sits in the skin and it’s not easy, just with the face wash to clean off the face.


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