Tips for Buying On Sale

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Do you know how to do your shopping during the sales? If you want to learn how to make your purchases in the most efficient way investing only in those products that you really need I offer you some tips that will be of great help, do not miss any detail!


1.Plan your purchases


The first step before starting to make your purchases is to make a list of the items you really need a few weeks in advance. Try on the clothes or see the items that you like the most and note their price. In this way, when the offers are announced, you can go directly to the product from Comme Des Garcons you want in the size you need before it runs out, and without having to wait for the fitting room’s queues!


2.Choose a suitable look to go on sale


Before starting a hard day of shopping, it is important to opt for a look that, in addition to being comfortable, is useful when trying on different garments. The ideal would be to wear black pants and a white shirt, easy to combine with any type of style and decide which one you prefer. Do not forget to opt for the lightest bag you have and not be too loaded to make room for the bags.


3.Avoid key hours


If you are one of those who hates waiting for queues both in the fitting rooms and at the checkout, it is best to avoid the key hours when most customers buy.

If you can’t stand the crowds, I recommend that you go first thing in the morning when the stores open, at lunchtime, or late in the day, before closing. In addition, since you will already carry your list of favorites, you can go directly to the establishments and the desired items without having to search for anything else and spend in a responsible and efficient way.


4.Take the opportunity to renew your basics


The sales are a golden opportunity to renew the basics that cannot be missing in your wardrobe. In addition to underwear, you can also take the opportunity to replace your basic shirts, pajamas, jeans, bags or shoes.

The truth is that the first thing I think about when we see  discounts  is to buy seasonal clothes   to go to the last, but it never hurts to invest in the most necessary items in our daily lives . 


5.Think about the office


Prepare several looks to wear to the office on days when you wake up just in time and can’t think about what to wear. Get yourself several clothes that you can combine differently with each other: a neutral-colored blouse, a pencil skirt, moderate-heeled shoes or suit pants. If your budget allows you to indulge yourself, take a look at leather bags … They are a fantastic investment!




We know, buying yourself some glitter espadrilles or an off-the-shoulder top is not exactly what we call a good investment (unless you live in the Bahamas, of course). But let’s face it, you’ve daydreamed about that garment so many times that you know how, when, where and with whom you would wear it, even on various occasions. So, if by chance you find your whim in the color, size and price you wanted… we give you the green light!




It does not matter how many times they tell us that orange, Klein blue or burgundy have arrived to replace the color black. When push comes to shove, this color never fails us. A basic chrome hearts hoodie that looks great on you will always be your greatest ally. Have suitable accessories in the bedroom to give it a more casual or more sophisticated look according to your needs and you will be ready to leave the house on the fly.

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