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8 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Mom for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Spring is here, which means that Mother’s Day is just around the corner. You’re excited to celebrate Mom’s special day and trying to look for some fun and unique ways to celebrate Mother’s Day. Whether you want to get Mom a beautiful dress and take her out to her favorite brunch spot or finally bring her to that pottery class, she’s been telling you about for months, any of these eight fun ways to celebrate your mom for Mother’s Day are sure to make her smile. 

1. How to Celebrate with a Long-Distance Mom — Long-distance families have to get more creative when celebrating Mom from far away. Even if you can’t be with Mom in person, you can still show her you care from afar. It can be as simple as sending her a care package with all of her favorite things like candles, fuzzy slippers, and brand-new cute tops for women. Book a time with Mom on Zoom and ask her fun questions to get to know her better. You might be surprised by all the things you don’t already know about her, and she’ll love sharing this special time with you.

2. Spending a Full Day with Mom — According to Science Daily, experiences are one of the best gifts you can give to someone to show you care. Many families spend an hour or two with Mom at lunch or brunch on Mother’s Day. You can make Mother’s Day extra special by spending the whole day with her. Here are some fun things to do if you’re spending the full day together. If Acts of Service is her love language, she’d love the gesture of a clean and sparkling home. Surprise her by cleaning her home the day before, such as vacuuming her living room or sprucing up her kitchen. You can make her breakfast in bed in the morning, do a late morning workout class, stroll through a farmer’s market together, and end the day with a Happy Hour.

3. What to Give the Super Busy Mom — One of the best things you can give to a busy mom is to take things off her plate. You can clean her home or hire a cleaning service to do so. If she normally takes care of the kids, give her a night off from the kids by babysitting on her behalf or hiring a babysitter for her. That way, she can have some much-needed solo time for just herself.


4. Activities for the Outdoorsy Mom — There’s nothing like the great outdoors. For a mom that loves being out in the sun, go for a hike with Mom. It doesn’t have to be up an entire mountain. You two can go for a nice and easy walk in the park. If she has a garden, give her a helping hand and get your hands dirty to enjoy some quality time with Mom as you two spruce up some plants.

5. Activities for the Fashionista Mom — If your wife or sister loves scrolling through social media to look through fashion trends, chances are she’s the kind of mom who would appreciate getting trendy women’s clothes for Mother’s Day. Take her on a shopping spree to all her favorite boutiques. If you’re not able to be with Mom in person, you can also send her a gift card or an e-gift card for her to enjoy a shopping spree on her own.

6. Activities for the Foodie Mom — If Mom loves anything and everything food, chances are that she’s a foodie. You can make a reservation at her favorite restaurant or surprise her with a new location or cuisine if she’s more of the adventurous type. Some foodie moms love getting hands-on with their craft, so take a cooking class together or make something new from a favorite cookbook.

7. Activities for the Wanderlust Mom — For the mom, that’s dreaming about her next big vacation, make her dreams come true this Mother’s Day and give her a much-needed vacation. You can book a trip together for a long weekend in a new city or even to a country she’s never been to before. If traveling isn’t possible right now, you can have a movie night and watch films inspired by traveling or take place in her dream destination. Make food inspired by the local cuisine and immerse yourselves in the moment.

8. Activities for the Creative Mom — It’s time to get crafty with a creative mom. It could be anything from a sip and paint night to a pottery class. You two don’t even need to go out and spend money on a class. You two can stay home, watch some free how-to videos on YouTube, and start crafting together. For the mom that also loves learning new things, get her a subscription to MasterClass so she can learn from the best of the best.


How will you decide to spend Mother’s Day with Mom this year? Whatever adventure you decide to go on as a family, the maternal figure in your life will love all the time, effort, and thoughtfulness you put into making her day extra special. Get Mom excited about the day by surprising her with some new spring women’s clothes so she can dress like her best self. She’ll look great and feel even better on Mother’s Day! The most important thing is that you all spend some quality time together.

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