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Professional Teeth Whitening Vs Home Teeth Whitening Kits

Teeth Whitening

A whiter and brighter smile is something we all want. This is why many people either get professional teeth whitening done or use home teeth whitening kits. Although professional teeth whitening is the standard when it comes to obtaining a perfectly white smile, home teeth whitening kits can also be used for similar benefits. If you are considering between professional teeth whitening and home teeth whitening kits, you need to read on.

The Structure of Teeth

Dentin is the layer that teeth are made of. The outer layer of teeth is covered in enamel. When we consume food and beverages, it causes an additional layer to accumulate on the enamel. Some of the ways through which teeth get stained include poor brushing habits, consumption of dark liquids, and smoking. It results in a thin film being created over the enamel which might be easy to overlook. To help ensure that this film is cleaned, it is important to brush your teeth and visit a dentist regularly.

However, if the film remains on our teeth for an extended period of time, it sticks deep into the enamel. If this occurs, you will be unable to brush the stains away. Even though the stains might not be harmful, they are deemed unattractive by most people. This is why they opt for professional teeth whitening or home teeth whitening kits.

How Does Teeth Whitening Even Work?

Before we take a look at professional teeth whitening and home teeth whitening kits, it is crucial to know how it works. Teeth whiteners make use of bleaching chemicals which penetrate deep into the tooth enamel to create an effective oxidation reaction which helps break up the stubborn stains.

Most teeth whitening products either use carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide for bleaching the teeth. If the chemicals are used on your teeth, they help break up and dissolve the stains. Unlike what you might be misled into believing, tooth whitening is not harmful. However, it might increase gum sensitivity which would only be temporary. But, pregnant women should not whiten their teeth.

Professional Teeth Whitening

There are many benefits of in-office teeth whitening as compared to home teeth whitening kits. The main benefit of consulting with a dentist is that they would use the most appropriate system for determining which teeth whitening would be most beneficial for you. The dentist would also evaluate which method is best for you in terms of chemical and tooth whitening concentrations used. Moreover, the dentist would also consider whether you have gum sensitivity or not and adjust the formula accordingly.

In addition to the above, the dentist also helps patients with other cosmetic dentistry options like tooth shaping, tooth-colored fillings, veneers, and gum lifts. Patients can rest assured knowing that the dentist will help them achieve their goals easily.

As the professional teeth whitening would be performed by a trained dental expert, you can expect reliable and safe results every time. Besides, the results you will see will be a lot better than home teeth whitening kits as higher-concentration bleaching gels would be used. 

The dentist will also give you custom-made whitening trays to ensure that the whitening results are prolonged. Thus, you will benefit from amazing results within a quick session. As for the procedure, it will be painless and you can expect to be done within 45 minutes.

The Professional teeth whitening treatment will effectively remove all stains and restore a dramatic white that will allow your teeth to shine their brightest.

Home Teeth Whitening Kits

Most teeth whitening kits contain peroxide which is made of hydrogen and carbamide. When you use these kits, you can expect slow and effective results. However, you will not receive the results offered by an expert. The process itself requires more patience.

Unlike professional teeth whitening that is done within a matter of minutes, at-home whiteners take much longer. You will only see a difference in your smile after a few weeks. However, the results would not be as dramatic as offered by in-office treatments.

As the percentage of peroxide in the home teeth whitening kits is much lower, you will be unable to achieve similar results. Furthermore, these methods tend to get messy and can even cause gum sensitivity.


The fact remains that nothing can beat professional teeth whitening. No matter how effective the home teeth whitening kits might claim to be, you can never go wrong with an in-office whitening treatment. Besides, there is no such thing as a one size fits all treatment which should be reason enough to opt for professional teeth whitening.

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