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Shop These 5 Watches This Season & Flaunt it


Watches do not tell just time. They tell stories. Especially about you to the world. Yes, that is right. The kind of watches you wear reflects your taste, your values, and your personality. You could be perceived as high status and ambitious person, who takes great care of every little detail about yourself. But on the other hand, with the wrong watch on your wrist, you could be considered as someone who does not take much interest in their fashion sense. 

The latter scenario could be troubling in some cases. You do not want the world to think negatively of you. Now if you are thinking if smart watches are better than analogue watches, then we suggest you decide for yourself after you look at the following list of watches.

Intelligent Black


Let us start the list with the absolute best: black smart watches. These watches are equipped to tell you more than just time. You will get to keep track of your oxygen with its highly effective SPO2 tracker. In addition to this, you will be able to keep track of your heartbeat with its heart rate monitor. What is more? These watches also promise you highly stylized looks with 20+ sports modes and multiple watch faces. So, you can change its look as per the situation and your mood. Doesn’t that sound like an interesting feature? 

What is more? This one easily falls in the top 5 best watches. 

Sober Blue

Sober Blue

These watches are a different type of smart watches. They have built-in distinctive features like Spo2 tracker, sleep tracker, heart rate monitor as well as stress monitor. With all this, you will have a much easier time living a healthier life. If that was not enough, it offers built-in Alexa support. Everything just becomes much more convenient, isn’t it? And you can enjoy all of this for 10 days straight, without recharging. Another interesting thing is that this one easily falls under the list of watches with reasonable prices.

High-Class Black

High-Class Black

Digital smart watches have their appeal, but simple analogue watches will remain timeless masterpieces. They command an awe-inspiring respect. They exude class and high elegance, like these black dial analogue watches. This timepiece, in particular, has 5ATM water resistance. That means it can survive any unexpected rains you might encounter on your commute. 

Suave Brown

Suave Brown

If you talk about timeless timepieces, you cannot miss out on this stunning brown watch. Pair it with your favourite suit or pair khakis and white shirt to stand apart from the maddening crowd. The watch comes with 5ATM water resistance, so no more worrying about splashes on the beach or getting drenched in the oncoming monsoon rains.

The Might Of The Superhero

Might Of The Superhero

If we are talking about power and elegance, who else is better at flaunting them than the superheroes themselves? Here, we have the best from that superhero group: Wonder Woman. If you admire the strength, elegance, and boldness of Wonder Woman, you will find this red dazzling watch a perfect fit for your taste. It is equipped with durable leather straps and designed to have a high-water resistance. Considering all this, doesn’t this watch feel in line with what Wonder woman stands for? 

Make Nothing but the Best Fashion Statement

We can see that you feel excited about buying a beautiful watch for yourself. Now, if you want to make this process easier and more convenient, then you must choose the right brand. Because when you have the right brand, you get the best product with all exceptional features. Fastrack is one such company you can trust. The brand has a history of designing exceptional watches that offers performance as well as fashionable looks.

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