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Best Summer Tips For Every One

Summer Tips

Spring is the one season that almost everybody loves because it brings long and sunny days. And we must admit that as the summer approaches we feel more revived and ready to spice up our life. The best place to start these subtle changes, which are real mood-boosters is in our wardrobe. Along with our renewed fashion statements summer calls for healthy and beautiful looks. Hence, we figured it out for you.

Every trendy woman knows how to prepare for the upcoming summer season. Digging dip into the wardrobe and getting out the essentials; favorite flat sandals, the white summer dress, and that evergreen wide-brimmed hat. That is the perfect starter. As for the men, we hope that our suggestions will add new items in your wardrobe besides the simple t-shirts and summer shorts.

Along with all of your summer clothes from the last season, our fresh summer fashion and beauty tips will help you to carelessly enjoy your summer days while looking trendy and beautiful.

Let’s start with some fashion tips for women.

Yellow & Animal-Prints For Your Swimwear

Swimwear trends for this summer are refreshing. A good tip for every woman is to choose a bikini that best suits her body and features the upcoming trendy prints and colors. The good thing is, swimsuits are fun and you can rarely go wrong.

For this summer yellow is the trendy color. One-piece or bikini, yellow looks good with your tan. Animal prints are again, a great choice for the summer season. Leopard print on your one-piece swimsuit is a bold statement and you’ll get all the attention.

As in the fashion trends in general, the retro style is trendy in summer. The throwback of the retro prints, as ‘70s florals and ‘90s colored strips adds a romantic note to this year’s trendy swimwear.

Knitted Details For The Beach

You must admit, knitted details make a lavish look. Knitted summer scarfs in brownish colors will make a great accessory for your yellow bathing suit and your bronze tan. Apart from being trendy this summer, they can be a good confidence-booster if you are insecure about your body. Your knotted scarf will get all the attention.

Adding knitted details to bikini tops and bottoms makes it a unique look. Plus, they can also add some magic to your silhouette.

Sportswear as Streetwear

Summer is the best time to feel comfortable and casual. Nevertheless, sport bike shorts are a huge trend this season as you have probably already seen them on the fashion mannequins, in your favorite store. They look very sexy and they are truly are comfortable.

As they are making their way to mainstream fashion bike shorts can be paired with anything; from crop tops, t-shirt to elegant long sleeve jackets. Put your huge hoop earrings on and this is how you rock a chic outfit.


White is the best color for your summer clothes. It keeps you cool and makes you look fresh. White fluffy dresses are a good summer choice when you pair them with colorful shoes. Bright red shoes are something you probably already have in your closet, however, this summer try green, purple, blue and even bright yellow shoes. Jazz up your regular outfit with these babies and you’ll see, they will become your favorite piece this season.

And now, let’s make some suggestions for the boys.

Retro Denim

Retro-looking denim is highly appreciated in fashion these days. Men trends are turning towards “Dad” jeans. Your jeans should look like you found them in your dad’s closet, and that’s what your denim choices should be this summer.

Loose fit and light wash are great jeans choices. The straight up and down model will do wonders for your appearance. Going loose on the legs is definitely coming back as a trend for men. Pair your new (or your dad’s old) comfy jeans with a loose white or pastel color shirt.

Tropical Print Shirts

Tropical shirts add a real summer feel. They never fit particularly well and come in all colors and prints. Take your “fun guy” image to the next level and make different pairings with these shirts. From casual look paired with shorts to a more elegant look that will have a fun twist. Summer is for experimenting and looking tropical.

Colorful Swimwear

The summer essentials, swimsuits. This summer you should choose fun prints on your bathing suit. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Mid-length and mid-tight military print swim shorts
  2. Loose fit and mid-length white striped swim shorts, Vertical stripes work miracles for not ready beach bodies.
  3. Floral prints are another great choice. For the larger frame, boys-bigger sized florals and for small frame boys – the smaller size of florals.
  4. Retro looks are applying in every aspect of the fashion trends for this summer. The old school sportswear for swim goes well with your retro pair of sunglasses.

Summer Calls For Natural Products

For most of us, summer means extended exposure to sun and water. Therefore using natural beauty products is essential. Using organic oils for your skin can help you stay UV protected and achieve a great tan. Olive oil, avocado oil, green tea extract, and coconut oil are equally great skin moisturizers and protectors.

For your tanning process to be successful it is advisable to keep the sun exposure to medium and in the hours when the sun is not that hot.

The hot sun and the constant water dips can be harsh for our hair and skin. Therefore, it is advisable to use SPF sprays for your hair and SPF lip balm. Any other skin care product, exfoliators or moisturizers should be used only at night. The strong chemicals that can be found in many beauty products can be harmful if they are exposed in the sun.

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