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Speedy Ways To Recover From Dizziness – 6 Remedies To Fight With It


Did you ever feel of lightheaded, your vision is blurred, suddenly become unconscious, fainting, etc., these all are the symptoms of dizziness.

what is Dizziness ?

Dizziness is not a serious disease, but must consult doctor if it is prolonged. Dizziness is short term and long term as well.

Short term dizziness occurs when you suddenly changing the seating position, immediately stand up, lowering of blood pressure levels, immediately sitting upright on bed after sleep.

Long term dizziness is something which has to be consulted to doctors. Long term occurs when there is a probelm in the pathway connecting to inner ear, brain or sensory nerve.

Dizziness can also be sometimes associated with vomitings, paleness or nausea. Seek a doctor incase of emergency. During medications, you may feel drowsed, take rest and keep calm.

Dizziness is mostly seen in people with

  • Low or high blood pressures.
  • Aging.
  • Pregnancy
  • People tackling with stressful life.
  • Brain diseases or heart diseases.
  • Low blood sugar levels.
  • Migraines.

Tips to follow to avoid dizziness

  • Do yoga or asanas to improve the balance.
  • Don’t take too much stress, avoid those situations.
  • Avoid alchol and tobacco as it makes situation more critical.
  • Regularly drink eight glasses of water or more.
  • Change your dietery habits include lots of proteins, vegetables and fruits.
  • Have a good night sleep.
  • Seek the help of walker or cane while walking if necessary.

Home remedies to avoid dizziness instantly

Yoga asana :

Yoga asana

  • Sit down in a seating position or in padmasana.
  • Place left palm on your abdomen.
  • And now place right hand’s thumb against nostril and close it.
  • Close your mouth.
  • Take a deep breath from opened nostril and release it from closed nostril.
  • While releasing the air, remove the thumb and place a finger on other nostril.
  • Continue this for 10 times.
  • This will give you instant relief from dizziness.

Drink Lots of water :


One of the reason for dizziness in dehydration also. This occurs, when your body does not have enough water for re-hydration and this calls for dehydration. This occurs mostly in summer or after vomiting or diarrhea.

  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water. It can also be associated with fruit juices, soups, etc.,

Eat a Banana or dry fruits :

Eat a Banana

Some people cannot sustain hunger for long time and this calls for dizziness. Low blood sugar level or blood pressure levels also leads to dizziness. Eat something which gives instant energy and fulls your stomach and maintains your sugar levels.

  • Opt for Banana. Banana is rich in protein which gives instant relief.
  • Eat a chocolate or yogurt with any other fruit.
  • Have a handful of dry fruits like almonds, cashews, etc.,

Lemon :

Lemon juice

Lemon gives instant energy to the immune system, re-hydrates and gives a balanced stability to the body.

Lemon juice-1

  • Squeeze the lemon in one glass of chilled water,
  • Add 1 tsp of sugar, stir it well and drink.
  • You can also add pinch of salt to it.

Lemon juice-2

  • Squeeze the lemon in one glass of water, add pinch of black pepper, salt and 2 tsp of sugar.

Ginger :


Ginger helps in blood circulation from brain to other parts of the body.

  • Take a piece of ginger root or ginger and chew it daily, until you fight with dizziness.
  • Have a ginger tea as it suppresses dizziness.

Amla/Indian Gooseberries :

Indian Gooseberries

Amla a rich content of vitamin A and C helps in boosting immunity, which fights dizziness.

  • Take 2 amla and remove the seeds from it.
  • Grind it paste.
  • Add 2 tsp of coriander seeds and water.
  • Soak it overnight.
  • In the next day morning, strain and drink water.
  • Repeat this process, until dizziness is controlled.

Bottom Line  : Dizziness is not a serious disease, it can cured at home itself. Consult doctor if calls for emergency. With care and efforts dizziness can be avoided permanently.

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