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9 Fastest Remedies To Get Flat Stomach In One Month At Home Itself

Flat Belly

Achieving flat stomach in one month is not an easy process, but with little efforts this is possible. In this busy world maintaining good and healthy physic is important but it’s not possible for every one. , where every one is busy making their careers, does not have enough time for shaping up their bodies, maintaining health leaving aside fat or obese or weight gain.

Shape up your body especially belly fat, butts, thighs. Belly fat is the one which every one is suffering the most. Hitting gyms, shedding calories, cutting out the carbs, etc.,  are some of the tips which everyone is following now.

Take a strong decision :

strong decision

The first step is to makeup your mind. Make your mind strong with the will power to achieve the goal. Set the standards, change the diet and burn the extra calories, that’s it your success is in your way.

Reduction of calories :

Reduction of calories

Do you know, one pound of fat is equal to 3,500 calories. That means 500 more extra calories has to be burnt. If one pound a week is reduced then it is the appropriate healthy weight reduction rate.

Add protein and fiber :

Add protein and fiber

A healthy eating is considered by taking high nutrition and low calorie food with lots of protein, fiber, raw fresh vegetables, fruits, fish.

  • Add to your diet omega 3 fatty acids and soya milk which helps for flat belly and helps in retaining metabolism.
  • Fiber gives the feeling of stomach fullness, hence forth taking little amount of food intake. add protein in your breakfast.
  • Opt for lean proteins like fish, low fat dairy products, which increases metabolism and helps to get flat stomach.

Excess of soup :

Excess of soup

See to it that your stomach is full without compromising your taste delicacies, with low calorie intake.

  • Soups are the best options, for belly fat. According to research, if we take soup before meals, 20% of your hunger is completed.
  • Prefer fat burning soups rather than whole meal soups.

Stand up and sit right straight :

Stand up and sit right straight

Well this one is exact exercise for flat belly may be a beginner.

  • Always stand straight and sit straight instead of leaning on a chair or bending you back with lots or curls in the belly.
  • Sit upright with abdomen tight, so that the muscles get toned burning the calories.

A good night sleep :

good night sleep

A man should sleep at least 8 hrs, that’s the basic thing every one knows.

  • But do you know that, lack of sleep causes stress, which increases cortisol levels, which leads to fat storage.

Proper cardio and muscle exercises :

muscle exercises

Like the olden days, going out for a morning walk or jog is not sufficient.

To reduce belly fat, opt for cardio exercises.

  • Go for cardio and muscle building exercises causes.
  • Because cardio increases heart rate which burns fat and muscle tones the body, giving metabolism and burn fat even if you are at rest.
  • Increase your intensity from 20 mins to 60 mins for 5 days a week.

Regular exercises :

Regular exercises

No need to hit gyms, your belly fat can be done at home itself.

  • Cycling, swimming, weight lifting, etc., can help in belly fat.
  • Ball exercises, high planks, crunches are some of the best flat stomach exercise.

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More activities at home :

Include more physical activities at home like gardening, cleaning, washing clothes, cleaning utensils, etc., these helps in burn fat.

Bottom line :  It’s the sheer dedication and commitment we need for belly fat reduction. Added to it,  just a little exercise and diet to be followed. Consult doctor for diet analysis and exercise regime

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