Debunking Common Myths About Sunglasses 

Debunking Common Myths About Sunglasses

There is no denying that sunglasses look good on just about everyone. They enhance your look as an accessory and they help to protect your eyes and skin from the sun. Nowadays, shades are an essential part of our outfits, and most people don’t go anywhere without them. There are many good reasons to wear sunglasses. They shield your eyes from dust, sand, and wind, promote healing and help us to drive safer. As they grow in popularity, we start to read about sunglasses myths that simply aren’t true.

Fashion Is Their Only Purpose

You may have heard that sunglasses are purely used for fashion and nothing else. This comment is completely untrue as sunglasses have a range of purposes. Although one of them is for fashion, sunglasses are worn for a multitude of reasons, some of which include:

  • UV Protection – They protect your eyes from the sun as overexposure to the harmful UV rays that can cause long-term issues.
  • Skin Cancer – Sunglasses protect the skin around your eyes from exposure to the sun.
  • Protection – Shades don’t only protect your eyes from the sun, they also keep them safe from debris and other foreign objects.
  • Eye Comfort – Wearing shades provides your eyes with more comfort, allowing you to see clearly without any glare.

As you can see, fashion is not their only purpose. They are useful for all kinds of things, especially the ones listed above.

You Can’t Wear Sunglasses If You Wear Prescription Glasses

Many people actually think that wearing sunglasses is not good for your eyes if you wear prescription spectacles. This is simply not true as wearing sunglasses promote eye health. If you have a prescription and you’d like to buy a great pair of wayfarer sunnies, a quick search online can lead you to a one stop shop for wayfarer shades, wherein you can order with your prescription or you can buy a normal pair and use them when you wear contact lenses. Nowadays, you can easily order customised glasses to correct your refractive index.

Kids Don’t Need Them

Children are often exposed to the sun more than adults as they play outdoors more frequently. When choosing sunglasses for your kids, make sure they provide adequate UV protection. It massively reduces the risk of damage and disease. If you live in a warm climate, you should protect your kids’ eyes by purchasing polarized sunglasses. Children’s eyes can be sensitive to the sun and so can the skin around them. Good quality sunglasses help to protect them and allow them to enjoy the time they spend outdoors.

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You Only Need Them In The Summer

This is another myth about sunglasses that is wrong. Shades are just as important in the winter as they are in the summer. UV rays are still present in the winter and the snow reflects these rays into your eyes. There are many good reasons to wear sunglasses all year round, even when you are indoors.

There are many myths about sunglasses that would make most of us laugh. This article has addressed some of them, but there are many more. If you’ve heard something funny about wearing sunglasses, do some research yourself to see if it is true or false. Most of the time you’ll find it is simply a rumour without any substance.


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