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5 Tricks Will Choose The Perfect Face Shaped Hairstyle

More and more, owners of beautiful manes want to maintain the health and shine of their hair. Thus, most of them prefer their length. At the moment, this is very true in fashion trends for a modern girl. We are going to tell you how to choose the right haircut.

Here the choice is small to large, but each girl needs to choose a haircut, taking into account not only the hair structure, length, and density, but also the shape of the face and the anatomical features of the person.

Short haircuts

Lovers of short hairstyles should pay attention to the shape of the skull, to the correctness of its shape. By cutting, you can adjust some features of its structure, for example, add volume to the beveled crown. Short haircuts will fit a rectangular shape of the face – an elongated bean framed by a lush bang will be a great option. With long hair, it is advisable, according to The Hair Central, to create additional basal volume, curl curls, create styling in the “Retro” style, and lay the tips inside.

Medium length haircuts

If a girl is of rather a dense complexion with liquid and thin hair and a round, square, or diamond-shaped face, then there definitely should not be short haircuts, and you should not let go either. In this case, the average length based on the cascade is suitable so that the shape of the haircut is soft and without heavy lines. This will emphasize the positive aspects of the face, hide the flaws, and will be in harmony with the figure.

Elongated caret

For a triangular and rhombus shape, the best option is an elongated square, haircuts to the middle of the neck, and the beginning of the shoulders. And for the oval shape of the face, any hairstyle is good: straight hair of the same length, multi-layer haircuts like a cascade, elongated caret, and classic bean.

Layered hairstyle

For chubby girls, a short layered hairstyle is an excellent solution. Ideal for long bob without bangs, short bean, “Tom boy” and pixie.

Any length

Square shape fits any length. Short haircuts need to be made as voluminous and asymmetrical, long hair curl or style. The basic rule is the lack of perfect smoothness and straight parting.

A girl closer to a thin complexion will have much more choice: you can experiment with both length and shape. But again, not forgetting about the anatomical features of the structure of the face. They need to be hidden as much as possible. Here various kinds of bangs will come to the rescue. The most popular option is the so-called bangs “curtain”. It is elongated, and it can be worn, as well as on the face, thereby covering the heavy and rough frontal cavities or softening the lower part of the face. When choosing and having a bang, girls who have a small forehead and a diamond-shaped face should be very careful.


Very often, girls make one and, as we think, the biggest mistake, making a haircut the way they want, without taking into account all the recommendations above, and the point that each haircut requires styling and timely adjustment. Since the form grows and is lost, that causes discomfort during installation. It is very important to make it a rule to cut the ends once every 2-3 months, and it does not matter if you let go of the length or wear a haircut. Short haircuts require adjustment after a month. And it is important to remember: beautiful hair is well-groomed hair! And it doesn’t matter how long they are!

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