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5 Marketing Tips for Hair Salons and Stylists

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Hair stylists are considered artists inside a hair salon, but if they want to make their marketing campaign successful, they need to be innovative and know how to adapt to change. You may keep your present clients engaged while also recruiting new ones by using methods such as providing customer loyalty programs, creating a captivating website, and using social media platforms to promote your services and products. With these methods you can expand your brand, increase your profits, and of course, continue doing your job successfully. 

The hair care industry is very competitive, with a revenue of $91.23 billion worldwide just in 2023. So, even if you are fantastic at what you do, you must find ways to form a list of loyal customers and make your salon profitable. Spreading the word among friends and family may be a terrific free form of promotion that is both significant and effective in the beauty industry, but you need more than that. People must be aware that your salon exists and that it is worth visiting. 

Marketing strategies, promotions, and approaches that are already established may assist your salon reach a larger audience. If you’re engaging in promotional activities or advertising your salon but not getting any results, it’s time to change your plan.  

This article will go over five effective marketing tips you can use to promote your hair salon.

Make use of social media

Before potential customers start using your services, they will perform detailed research on all of your social media platforms. And likely, most consumers looking for a new place to do their hair and change their style will value finding a quality place with a strong social media presence. Keep in mind that the visual appeal of your profile is crucial to your potential customers. So, choose very carefully the social media platform you want to use. 

For instance, you can begin by setting up a creative Instagram profile. Then, start using Instagram features, including popular hashtags suitable for your line of business, posting informative content, and utilizing the services of third parties. You can simply grow Instagram followers organically by using the right tools to attract those that are interested in your services and what you have to offer. Getting a huge number of followers might be an intimidating and challenging undertaking, but success is certain if you work hard and implement new things.

Build a professional website

You cannot build a compelling digital presence without a high-performing professional website. Your website will become the backbone of your digital marketing campaign because you will share on it all the activities and services you provide. 

With the appropriate people in charge, you can build a website with a set of characteristics that will ensure high performance and outcomes. A properly-designed website may help you increase brand awareness, reputation, and trust, as well as attract quality leads and improve your credibility.

Collaborate with other local businesses

Connect with other local businesses that provide complimentary services to your hair salon, such as makeup artists or event planners. Wellness companies are also excellent partners for hair salons. Your partners will promote you just as you would promote them. You and your partners can even create a whole event and offer a beauty package to the first ten customers. Also, you could collaborate with a nail artist and a photographer to create a wedding package. If you can get a wedding planner on board, they will certainly bring in many customers.

Be visible in the local media


Using local media outlets to promote your hair salon is not so simple, but it is completely worth it. To have your salon featured in local newspapers and communities, you must create or participate in a local event or campaign. Whenever there is a fashion show in your city, attempt to collaborate and offer your hairstyling services, even if it is for free. These are all excellent opportunities to promote yourself, as well as your hair salon.

Create a loyalty program 

Having loyal customers means that they want to use your services because of your quality loyalty program, which provides promotional offers and rewards. While developing this type of program requires time and planning, the benefits in terms of business are amazing. Through loyalty programs, you can reward your customers with valuable, exclusive opportunities to use your services with discount vouchers.

Final thoughts

Make sure you implement a quality marketing strategy in order to promote your hair salon with success. Establishing your brand on social media platforms like Instagram and creating a professional website is just the stepping stone of your strategy. You must find creative ways to keep promoting your hair salon, like collaborating with other local businesses and becoming more and more visible in local media. Implement these marketing strategies, and the number of customers will continue to rise.

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