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Non Surgical Butt Lifts Are Here to Stay

Butt Lift

As you age, it’s normal for your bottom to lose some shape and fullness. You might notice your butt begins to sag or become flatter because of gravity, weight changes, and aging. 

Fortunately, this isn’t a medical problem, but some people feel self-conscious about their rear and want to do something about it. 

Years ago, the only option was silicone implants. This procedure is still done, but it is an invasive surgery that requires months of recovery. 

Another option is an injectable or non-surgical butt lift. If you’re ready to make a change to your bottom’s appearance, you can learn more about a non-surgical butt lift below 

Non-Surgical Butt Lift Overview 

You can have an injectable butt lift in several ways to improve the shape and volume of your rear. Some of the most popular non-surgical butt lifts include the Brazilian butt lift and Sculptra butt lift. 

These procedures don’t involve invasive surgery. Instead, your rear is injected with transferred fat or dermal filler to add shape and volume. However, the Brazilian butt lift does require general anesthesia. 

If your surgeon chooses a Sculptra butt lift for you, they’ll inject polylactic-L-acid into the butt muscle to add volume. This acid is a biostimulator and encourages the body to make collagen. If it works, it will make the rear bigger and curvier. 

Another non-surgical option is Emsculpt, which uses electromagnetic waves to burn butt fat and build muscle. 

Risks And Side Effects

Complications from a non-surgical butt lift are rare, but they can happen. They’re more common if you use a surgeon who isn’t experienced in these procedures: 

Dermal Filler

Common side effects of Sculptra injections include soreness and pain at the injection sites. Also, the dermal filler may settle in the buttocks in a way that makes it look bumpy. 

The filler cannot be dissolved, so you’ll need to wait until the results wear off in six months to a year. Please remember to select a skilled, experienced plastic surgeon to ensure you have good results. 

Some patients also report broken blood vessels caused by the needle that injects the dermal filler. 

Fat Transfer

Brazilian butt lifts use fat transfer, and while most procedures go well, there is a higher complication rate than other plastic surgeries. For example, a 2018 survey found that death occurs in about one out of 3,000 procedures. 

Leading Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Raja Mohan said, “One of the causes of these problems is more unskilled surgeons and healthcare providers perform Brazilian butt lifts. A common complication is when an untrained healthcare worker injects the fat too deep into the muscle, which is extremely dangerous.” 

Mohan adds this can cause a fat embolism, where the fat enters a blood vessel and travels to the heart or lungs, and the results can be fatal. 

That’s why you must choose a board-certified plastic surgeon for the surgery. If you do that, the chances of complications are minimal. 

Who Is An Ideal Candidate? 

The best candidate for a non-surgical butt lift is in good health and doesn’t have any bleeding conditions that complicate recovery. 

They also shouldn’t smoke and be near their ideal weight. If you don’t have a lot of extra fat on your frame, a fat transplant with a Brazilian butt lift may not work, so a dermal filler butt lift may be the best option. 

Recovery After Non-Surgical Butt Lift

After a dermal filler butt lift, you won’t have a significant recovery. You can go back to work and exercise within two days. However, you could feel some aching or soreness in the buttocks, but it will fade after a week or so. 

It also may be necessary to sleep on your tummy or side for two weeks. 


If you have a Brazilian butt lift with fat injection, you will need to avoid sitting on your rear for up to eight weeks. This allows the transferred fat to settle in and develop a blood supply. You also need to wear a compression garment where the fat was taken from. 

Non-Surgical Butt Lift Results

If you have a dermal filler procedure, it may take about three or four months to see the final results. Also, you may need more than one procedure to see the increased volume and shape you desire. 

Results from the Sculptra procedure lasts two to four years, so you will need another procedure to maintain your results. 

After your Brazilian butt lift, you’ll see immediate results, but about 50% of the fat will be absorbed by the body. Your surgeon will compensate for this by injecting more fat than needed in the injection sites. 

Non-Surgical Butt Lift Or Butt Implants? 

Non-surgical butt lifts have become more prevalent in the last decade as they’ve been promoted by social media stars, including Kim Kardashian. 

They’re popular because they offer fast results, and, with Sculptra, there isn’t any anesthesia required. 

A Brazilian butt lift does require anesthesia, but the results also are quick, and there isn’t major surgery involved. 

However, butt implants involve major surgery, and there is at least a two or three-month recovery. You cannot sit or sleep on the rear during this time, and the chances of complications are higher. 

Patients who want to see a larger curvier rear should talk to their plastic surgeon about a non-surgical butt lift. Whether you choose a Brazilian butt lift or dermal filler procedure, you can enjoy impressive results with a short recovery. 

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